The Best Small Dog Breeds for Seniors and Retirees

Getting a dog during your golden years can be the best way of infusing fun activities, cuteness, and slobbery kisses into your life. Independent living communities such as Riddle Village allow you to bring a small dog when you move in, and selecting the perfect pet from breeds for seniors can set you up for [...]

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The Benefits of Speech Therapy After a Stroke

Do you have an elderly loved one who recently experienced a stroke? If so, you know strokes can come with serious side effects, including speech problems. In this blog, we'll review how strokes affect language skills and how speech therapy after a stroke can help.     How Do Strokes Affect Communication Skills? A stroke [...]

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What To Write in a Retirement Card

Retirement is a huge step in someone's life. While most people associate it with the conclusion of a person's career, it also represents the beginning of a new, post-work journey. Ultimately, it's an impressive accomplishment that deserves recognition. A great way to acknowledge someone's retirement is by gifting them a retirement card. Keep reading to [...]

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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

Health care providers in Media, PA, often prescribe physical therapy for individuals recovering from injury or surgery because it can reduce pain, restore function, and help a patient achieve improved range of motion. Read on to learn more on how physical therapy for seniors can lessen the risk of injury and improve their overall [...]

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What Is Lifecare Planning?

Baby boomers have changed the world in so many ways — and one big area is senior living. Boomers have focused on being vibrant and healthy in retirement. Lifecare communities such as Riddle Village recognize that you might be 100% independent but can benefit significantly from living among friends in an enriching environment. Continue reading [...]

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What It’s Like to Live in Senior Living Apartment Communities

Independent living communities are one option for older adults after they've retired. Several types of senior housing are available, but retirement communities provide the ideal environment for those looking for independent living without a lot of the stress of living alone. In addition, most retirement communities include maintenance, housekeeping, dining opportunities, and other services [...]

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The Perks of Living in Media, PA

Media, Pennsylvania, is a locale that simply doesn't compare to any other place in the country. The charming little Media borough, a suburb of Philadelphia, has a population of fewer than 6,000 people. But while small, it has an enormous personality. It's highly regarded throughout Delaware County and beyond for its quaint charm, kind community, [...]

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