What To Write in a Retirement Card

Retirement is a huge step in someone's life. While most people associate it with the conclusion of a person's career, it also represents the beginning of a new, post-work journey. Ultimately, it's an impressive accomplishment that deserves recognition. A great way to acknowledge someone's retirement is by gifting them a retirement card. Keep reading to [...]

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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

Health care providers in Media, PA, often prescribe physical therapy for individuals recovering from injury or surgery because it can reduce pain, restore function, and help a patient achieve improved range of motion. Read on to learn more on how physical therapy for seniors can lessen the risk of injury and improve their overall [...]

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What Is Lifecare Planning?

Baby boomers have changed the world in so many ways — and one big area is senior living. Boomers have focused on being vibrant and healthy in retirement. Lifecare communities such as Riddle Village recognize that you might be 100% independent but can benefit significantly from living among friends in an enriching environment. Continue reading [...]

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Outdoor Exercise at Riddle Village

Riddle Village Residents benefit from many different ways to work on fitness throughout the community. With full access to the state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor heated pool, and daily exercise classes offered, getting a workout in is easy and fun. With the summer coming to an end and a very welcome break in the temperatures, [...]

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How to Adopt Retired Service Dogs for Seniors

Service dogs undergo rigorous training to ensure they have the right temperament and skills to help people with disabilities. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a service dog must be trained to take a specific action rather than provide general support. For example, some service dogs are trained to detect seizures or [...]

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Popular Amenities for Seniors: Hidden Gems of Riddle Village

Riddle Village is filled with popular amenities that our residents and their guests enjoy daily. If you’ve ever been to our community, we’re sure you’ve stopped by the Towne Hall for some entertainment or had fun outside in the courtyard playing bocce or practicing putting. These areas are common stops for everyone in our [...]

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