The Five Emotional Stages of Retirement

Retirement is a significant life transition, and for most retirees, it's not unusual to experience a wide range of emotions in the days and weeks leading up to and following retirement. In fact, psychologists have identified five emotional stages of retirement that they go through as they adjust to their new lifestyle. This major life [...]

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What Happens During Short-Term Rehabilitation for Seniors?

When an older adult is discharged after a hospital stay for major surgery or illness, they may require additional medical care they can't access from home. A short-term rehabilitation facility or skilled nursing facility provides recovering seniors with specialized services administered by medical professionals in a safe, welcoming environment. If you're wondering whether short-term rehabilitation [...]

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The Best Small Dog Breeds for Seniors and Retirees

Getting a dog during your golden years can be the best way of infusing fun activities, cuteness, and slobbery kisses into your life. Independent living communities such as Riddle Village allow you to bring a small dog when you move in, and selecting the perfect pet from breeds for seniors can set you up for [...]

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The Benefits of Speech Therapy After a Stroke

Do you have an elderly loved one who recently experienced a stroke? If so, you know strokes can come with serious side effects, including speech problems. In this blog, we'll review how strokes affect language skills and how speech therapy after a stroke can help.     How Do Strokes Affect Communication Skills? A stroke [...]

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Speech Problems in the Elderly: When to Seek Therapy for a Loved One

Do you have an elderly loved one who is struggling with their communication skills? If so, you're not alone. It's common for older adults to develop health issues that negatively affect speech and verbal abilities. Oftentimes, these communication problems are a natural side effect of aging. In some cases, however, they may indicate a more [...]

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When Should Seniors Sell Their Home?

Many seniors prefer aging in place and want to live in their homes indefinitely. Staying in familiar surroundings can be healthy for seniors, especially when they have social capital through their relationships with family and neighbors. Having a connection with loved ones who can help with transportation to appointments, errands, and personal care is a [...]

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What Government Programs Are Available for Seniors?

Several federally funded government programs for seniors can help with finances and health care and provide social and community services. Financial assistance resources are generally reserved for low-income seniors and people with disabilities. Most other services and programs have a minimum age requirement, ranging from 55 to 65. Continue reading to find out what's available [...]

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2022 Tax Deductions for Retirement Communities

The Tax Court’s 2004 decision is great news for those living in a Lifecare Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) such as Riddle Village. The decision confirms that a resident can continue to treat a significant percentage of the one-time entry fee and a recurring monthly fee as a prepaid medical expense regardless of the [...]

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