The majority of people 65 and older will need some type of long-term care in their lifetime. Living in a Lifecare community is a way for you to have more control over your future and know that you are in the right place if your health needs change down the road.

Riddle Village is a continuing care retirement community offering a Lifecare contract, also referred to as a Type A contract. Lifecare provides living accommodations, community residential services and amenities, plus unlimited long-term Personal Care and Skilled Nursing Care without an increase to the monthly service fee (except for normal increases related to the operating cost inflation adjustments and ancillary items in a health care setting).

Lifecare assures no single resident will face financial ruin because of personal care, memory care or skilled nursing costs. This peace of mind fosters an environment of well-being that for most residents means less stress and more opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest.

Riddle Village Lifecare is the most extensive and comprehensive type of contract provided by a continuing care retirement community. This contract guarantees that no matter where you live at Riddle Village, your monthly fee will remain virtually unchanged. Independent Living gives residents the freedom to live their retirement years doing what they want and when they want. Personal Care residents can receive assistance with daily activities and medications while also enjoying a full activity schedule and convenient dining locations. Skilled Nursing offers around-the-clock medical care and a comfortable lifestyle for those needing additional assistance.

We see so many individuals come to Riddle Village looking for answers on what is the best retirement plan for them. The choices can be overwhelming, and our marketing team does a great job at helping people sort through them. One of the concerns we frequently hear from prospective residents is whether or not they will have enough money in their later years; especially if they find they need to be in a healthcare facility at some point. Nobody has a crystal ball; needing future healthcare services is always a risk which can be very unsettling when you consider the cost of private or fee for service nursing facilities.  A lifecare community like Riddle Village helps ensure that should you need those services in the future, they will be provided in a community you know by people who know and care about you.  For those who are worried about the retirement funds they worked hard to build, they already know what the cost of those healthcare services will be.  For that reason, it is the security of a Lifecare community that is most beneficial to the residents.

Kim Roguszewski, Executive Vice President

Having the peace of mind that the Lifecare contract offers, allows residents to focus on experiencing an active and fun lifestyle at Riddle Village. You can choose to do as much as or as little as you’d like. Get involved with Resident Council, or maybe join the chorus. Group exercise programs, summer tournaments in the courtyard, or monthly socials to meet new neighbors are great ways to spend your days in our community. The social and health benefits of seeing friends everyday are limitless.

If you have long-term care insurance, you can choose to eliminate the expense of premiums. Riddle Village Lifecare covers long-term Personal Care and Skilled Nursing services. However, you can choose to maintain your policy and be reimbursed directly from your insurance provider. Contact us to learn more!