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Embrace a Fulfilling Lifestyle at Our Continuing Care Retirement Community in Pennsylvania

At Riddle Village, we believe senior living apartment communities should enhance the lives of their residents. We aim to take the stress out of daily living, leaving you free to live independently in a secure and beautiful environment. Our continuing care retirement community in Pennsylvania offers relaxing resort living with access to an array of residential and health care services.

Embrace Each Day on Your Terms at Riddle Village

Your retirement years should be spent living life to the fullest. You can achieve this with enjoyable activities of daily living offered at Riddle Village.

As a Lifecare retirement community, Riddle Village provides a full continuum of care, from independent living apartments, dedicated personal care services, skilled nursing services, respite care and rehabilitation. 

Consistency is everything when it comes to health and happiness, and life plan communities like ours mean you don’t have to uproot yourself if you require additional health services. Get in touch today or request a brochure for more information.

What Our CCRC in PA Offers

When you live at Riddle Village, we cover a range of services and amenities and offer spacious living accommodations with the latest modern conveniences.

Below is an outline of what to expect from life at our continuing care retirement community in Media, PA.


Various CCRC Retirement Community Amenities

We’re very proud of our retirement community amenities and get daily feedback from our residents about how abundant and joyful life is here.
Not only is living at our life plan community fun, but it’s also convenient, with access to everything you want and need under one roof.
When it comes to staying in good health, living an active lifestyle and regular movement are essential for adults as they age. Our fitness center is open around the clock, and membership is included for all residents. It includes access to our full-time fitness coordinator, fitness classes and our indoor heated pool.
While fitness is important — having fun with friends, laughing and enjoying varied days are equally important. That’s why we have plenty of opportunities for outdoor games. Inside, a library, art studio, woodworking shop, puzzles, shuffleboard and billiards are just a few of the options for keeping occupied and healthy. Other amenities include:
  • An outdoor firepit
  • Indoor pool
  • Billiards
  • Beauty salon
  • Cocktail lounge
  • Courtyard and enclosed walkways
  • Aquatic and fitness classes
  • Bocce ball court
  • Shuffle ball table
  • Putting green
  • Auditorium

Exceptional Resident Services: Catering to Your Every Need

Most of our residents have spent their lives taking care of their families, working hard and juggling multiple responsibilities. Now it’s time to have the favor returned to you! From dining to housekeeping and maintenance, our team has you covered. Services we offer include:

  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Concierge services – including optional package delivery
  • Wellness center services
  • Flat linen services
  • Emergency response system in each apartment – monitored 24/7
  • Daily health checks
  • A selection of restaurants, with cuisines ranging from brasserie-style to fine dining
  • Regular day trips
  • Transportation
  • Maintenance services
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Full activity calendar

Commons Building: The Heart of Our Community

We understand the key role community plays in living a happy, fulfilled life. The more connected you feel to those around you, the more you laugh, feel a sense of purpose and experience joy each day. While privacy is also important and you always have a safe and comfortable haven in your apartment, our commons building is a buzzing hub of activity and fun.

Your Perfect Space: Choose Your Ideal Senior Living Apartment

Our senior living apartment floor plans are not only luxurious but highly customizable according to your needs and preferences. Our one-bedroom apartments are spacious and comfortable, ranging in size from 557 to 1177 square feet. If you find you need a little more space, two and three-bedroom apartments are available, and you can use our interactive floor plan styler and work with our design team to truly create the apartment of your dreams.

Continuum of Care Levels to Suit Your Needs

Older adults are physically younger than ever thanks to advancements in health care and wellness. However, it’s recommended that you make a plan for future health changes as early as possible. By choosing a continuing care retirement community, you don’t need to worry about moving away from your beautiful apartment and community of friends if your health requirements change.

Let’s look at the different levels of care offered here at Riddle Village:

  • Senior independent living: Independent living is all about living an active life and enhancing your social life while escaping the daily responsibilities of chores and bills. This type of living gives you time to write your memoirs, practice your favorite hobbies or pursue something you’ve always dreamed of but never had the time to do.
  • Senior Personal Care: This level of care promotes independent living while offering help with activities of daily living that are required or desired. Living alone might not be possible at this point, but with the help of our healthcare team medication management, cooking, grooming and similar services are offered to help you live your best life.
  • Skilled Nursing Care: Outside of a hospital, skilled nursing care is the most comprehensive level of care available to older adults. Licensed nurses are available around the clock, and individuals with chronic health needs are monitored constantly.
  • Respite Care: In some instances, such as when someone is recovering from a hospital stay or their caregiver is on holiday, temporary respite services are needed. This involves a short-term stay in our community while you recover or your caregiver takes a break.
  • Senior Rehabilitation: Recovering from a serious incident doesn’t need to take place at home. Rehabilitation services help older adults in these situations manage pain and improve functions such as speech, flexibility, strength and mobility.

Discover the Unique Offerings of Riddle Village

What Exactly Are Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)?

Continuing care retirement communities (also known as life plan communities) offer multiple levels of care on location and a wide range of services, amenities and care options. What’s more, residents with our Lifecare (Type A) contract have peace of mind that they can remain in the same community if their healthcare requirements ever change without an increase in cost.

If you ever need personal care or skilled nursing, you won’t have to leave our community and can receive these services if the need arises. CCRCs are the first choice for many older adults due to the predictability and relative affordability of staying in one place.

Choosing Riddle Village: A Decision You’ll Cherish

Life at Riddle Village is unlike what you’d expect from a traditional retirement community. In fact, it has more in common with a hotel or resort. Let’s look at the main reasons our residents tell us they love living here.

Peace of Mind: Our Secure & Safe Living Spaces

Our private residences are equipped with all the safety and security features you could need without compromising on style. Emergency pull cords and a daily check-in button located in the bathroom are monitored 24/7 by the Riddle Village nursing team. You have access to Wi-Fi, cable, beautiful decor and all the modern conveniences, with personalized closet space and custom paint colors.

Privacy Guaranteed: Your Sanctuary Awaits

With one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments available, your apartment home can become your sanctuary. While socializing is at the top of many residents’ agendas, time and space to themselves are also valued highly.

Luxury continuing care retirement communities aren’t just about a luxurious setting. They also offer enhanced care from highly qualified, friendly and loving staff. Every person who works within our community, from support workers and chefs to skilled nurses and maintenance technicians, are chosen based on their passion for their job in addition to acumen in their area of expertise.

Endless Social Engagements: Stay Connected and Active

We don’t just provide access to a wide array of social activities, games and hospitality settings; we actively promote a social, active lifestyle. One of the things our residents love most about our community is the social life they inherit just by moving in. Residents can choose to do as much as they want in our community.

Live Freely: Independence at Its Best

Aging doesn’t have to mean a loss of independence or an impact on dignity, and we do everything we can to ensure our residents are as empowered and self-motivated as possible. We don’t tell you what to do or force you to follow a strict daily schedule. Instead, we provide a wide range of opportunities and amenities, leaving you free to choose how you spend your time.

Hassle-Free Transportation: Explore with Ease


We’ll help you get where you need to go. Contact one of our helpful transportation staff if you need a ride to a doctor’s appointment or want to take a trip to your favorite restaurant.) We are happy to take you Monday through Friday!

Year-Round Resort Lifestyle: Your Everyday Escape

We believe every day in our community should feel like the best holiday you’ve ever been on. With convenient access to a heated pool, social events, gym and sports throughout the year, you’ll never be bored.

Stay Fit and Healthy: Our State-of-the-Art Fitness Center


Speaking of fitness, lovers of movement can work with our fitness coordinator, attend exercise classes and a ton of sporting opportunities every day. Maintaining an active lifestyle is at the heart of a healthy, fulfilled life and benefits your mental health as well as your physical health.

Culinary Freedom: Enjoy Dining Without the Chores

It goes without saying, but another reason the older adults living in our community feel relaxed and happy is that they no longer have to clean and cook. Additionally, living at Riddle Village puts an end to the seemingly never-ending maintenance needs of homeownership.

Beyond the Basics: Our Wide Range of Services & Care

In addition to all the above, we offer the following to all residents:

  • Monthly wine and cheese social
  • A well-stocked library
  • Manicured gardens
  • An art studio
  • 4 Restaurant options with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Guest Suites
  • Predictable monthly service fee

Learn More: Embark on Your Riddle Village Journey

The reasons to choose Riddle Village, whether for a short- or long-term stay, are too many to mention. Find out more or schedule a visit today.

Continuing Care Retirement Community FAQs

What is the advantage of living in a continuing care retirement community?

A continuing care retirement community includes multiple levels of care to ensure residents have access to the appropriate care when needed on the same campus. CCRCs give residents a plan in place for their future if health needs are ever to change.

What should you look for in a continuing care retirement community?

It is important to look at the structure of the entrance fees, monthly fees and service fees. There are various types of contracts offered in CCRCs. You will want to know what type of contract is offered at each CCRC you visit. The most popular contract offered is Lifecare or Fee-for-Service. Residents pay for their medical expenses as they happen under extensive life care contract, instead of paying for all medical services at once.

Make it a priority to learn the pros and cons of each contract offered and determine what is the best option for you. Click Here to access our guide to finding a retirement community and questions to ask to help you find the right place to call home.

Riddle Village sits on the land of Samuel D. Riddle, a sportsman and breeder of competitive racehorses. His horses have been named “Horse of the Century” and also are famous for being a Triple Crown Winner in 1937!

It has taken a lot of the stress off my family members because they don’t have to worry. It means security. I’ve experienced Independent Living and Monticello, and I’ve made friends in both!

Helen, Riddle Village Resident

The population of our elders are living longer, and families are not always able to care for their loved ones on their own. One of the benefits of having Personal Care at Riddle Village is the 24-hour supervised setting that gives a structured environment. We provide emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and social support. To sum it all up: we offer a loving, safe environment allowing our residents to live life to the fullest while providing assistance needed to maintain their dignity.

Cynthia McMillian, Nursing Supervisor