Riddle Village offers an array of services to our residents to ensure they wake up every day living the retirement lifestyle they have always dreamed. Whether it is dining, apartment upkeep or wellness, Riddle Village has it covered.

Riddle Village Residents truly live a relaxing lifestyle inside their apartments. With weekly housekeeping and flat linen service included, cleaning can be a worry of the past. The Environmental Services Department works with each resident to ensure that their home is cleaned to their standards.

If there are other issues in the apartment, the Maintenance and Facilities Department will be happy to stop by and fix the problem. Residents enjoy getting friendly with each department and building relationships with the staff who stops by to make their home just a little bit better! Aside from these convenient services, utilities such as heating, air conditioning, and electric are included in every apartment.

“As a department we have developed a work order system that gives our residents the opportunity to call in any concerns. These work orders are processed daily and are done by days end. On another note if a resident feels that their concern requires the immediate attention of the facility mechanics. We will respond right away to handle any concerns. We truly have a great working relationship with all our residents and treat all their concerns with high priority. My motto has always been, treat our residents like they are your grandparents, because we all know there is no love like a grandparent. Every day, our residents get a comfort level knowing their concerns are being addressed, and if they need a helping hand we are here to assist if ever needed.” – Robert Philips, Director of Facility Operations, Riddle Village Employee for 25 Years

Riddle Village’s Flexible Dining Meal Plan guarantees that residents and their guests can enjoy delicious meals in any of our four dining venues. The Garden Terrace Café, Chesapeake Room, Governour’s Inne, and Thoroughbred Lounge are all included in flex dining. Residents can choose how they would like to spend their allocated money, whether it’s on breakfast, lunch, dinner, treating guests or even a glass of wine. Flex Dining is included in the monthly bill, so residents never need to bring cash with them to any of the restaurants in the community.

It is not just inside the community where the fun happens. With planned programs and trips, residents can participate in an array of exciting adventures, including visits to Philadelphia, local restaurants, and even summer trips to the beach! Our transportation department is also available for rides if you need assistance getting to appointments or other personal commitments. Additionally, with scheduled trips to local malls or grocery stores several times a month, shopping no longer has to be a hassle!

The most important aspect of living at Riddle Village is the health and safety of every resident. One of the most appealing parts of our Lifecare contract is the wellness care that is included. Each apartment comes with emergency pull cords, as well as, a daily check in system. Features like this ensure that even while living independently, help is here if it’s ever needed. Additionally, the Wellness Center is open seven days a week for services such as checking vitals, blood work, and addressing medical questions and concerns. Residents have peace of mind knowing that unlimited access to Personal Care and Skilled Nursing Care is there if ever needed.

“The Wellness Center is not only convenient; it provides a sense of security for our residents. The Wellness Center provides a place for the residents to come for recommendations, references for services available, educational information and most importantly a place they can come and confide in someone in addition to their families. The Wellness Center is welcoming, friendly, and informative, with many services provided which makes it convenient for our residents.” – Bonnie Oliver-Chappell, LPN/Wellness Nurse, Riddle Village Employee for 12 years

For more detailed information, click here to view all the services and amenities included in the monthly service fee at Riddle Village.

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