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Riddle Village recognizes that a strong rehabilitation program is paramount when it comes to our residents’ well-being. Our goal at Riddle Village is to always ensure our senior living residents are the best that they can be. This means we strive to keep our residents healthy and strong and to face possible medical setbacks head-on with a strong rehab program, getting them back on their feet and ready to enjoy their lives!

Whether you are living independently and recovering from an injury or you are in skilled nursing following surgery or a hospitalization, there are many exercises you can do during supervised sessions with trained medical professionals to help increase your mobility and manage your daily tasks. We are proud to offer our residents physical, occupational, and speech therapy services, provided by Rehabcare Group, creating a partnership that’s one of the finest therapy programs in our industry for over 10 years.

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In addition to our full-service therapy department, located in the Monticello house, we offer an outpatient therapy program designed to coincide with our state-of-the-art fitness center.

The exercises that I was given were pertinent and they worked. When I had my knee work done, I did the exercises they suggested, and it strengthened the muscles around them and now I don’t need to have surgery. I’m currently going to therapy for my shoulder, and besides not having to go off campus, it’s also nice that I can just do any exercises that I have to right at the gym.
George, Riddle Village Resident

Newly Renovated Rehabilitation Center

Our senior rehab center underwent a complete renovation with updates that allow us to continue to offer our residents motivating spaces with premium amenities to ensure a successful recuperation. Each inpatient therapy room received new flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, cabinetry, and workstations, which are where the therapists document and the residents participate in therapeutic tasks targeting the hand, arm, and shoulder.

These stations also include specific equipment such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, diathermy, hot and cold therapy, arm and leg bikes, stairs, parallel bars, mats, and weights.

Our therapists are not just reactive in their approach. They are proactive in providing educational sessions and working with our Fitness Coordinator to create classes that can help with balance, physical conditioning, and anything else that can help residents live a more full and active life.


It has taken a lot of the stress off my family members because they don’t have to worry. It means security. I’ve experienced Independent Living and Monticello, and I’ve made friends in both!

Helen, Riddle Village Resident

The population of our elders are living longer, and families are not always able to care for their loved ones on their own. One of the benefits of having Personal Care at Riddle Village is the 24-hour supervised setting that gives a structured environment. We provide emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and social support. To sum it all up: we offer a loving, safe environment allowing our residents to live life to the fullest while providing assistance needed to maintain their dignity.

Cynthia McMillian, Nursing Supervisor

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We strive to provide the highest level of quality short and long-term care to all who choose us for rehabilitation services. Our senior care team is always available to work with older adults to develop care plans that address their specific needs. Contact Riddle Village to learn more about our therapy services today.