Are you starting to think about what your life will look like post retirement? There are a lot of important decisions to be made in order to make sure your retirement years are worry-free.

There are many questions that arise when considering your retirement. Perhaps the kids have moved out, and your current home seems too big. Maybe you are not sure how you will fill your days when you do not have work every day. There are several possibilities available to those considering their options.

CCRC vs Staying Where You Are

There are many great memories associated with your home, so it is only natural to struggle with the decision to make a move. However, it is important to consider the practical aspects; such as, costs, maintenance, and availability of care if needed in the future.

The maintenance and upkeep of a home requires time, energy, and money. The constant cleaning, yard maintenance, and occasional repairs can be time consuming, difficult and costly. All that work may not be what you had envisioned when you pictured your retirement. Many find that the older they become, the less desire they have to stay current with these mundane tasks.

Home care can be an option for those who have chosen to remain where they are. While this service can provide some very valuable assistance, the support and convenience is limited when compared with retirement communities that have full-time care providers on site.

Individuals often discover as they transition from working to a more relaxed retirement lifestyle there can be a struggle to find ways to stay active, busy and to have a vibrant social life. In many situations, people find themselves becoming isolated in their homes, as their interactions with the outside world grow less frequent.

CCRC vs 55+ Communities

Communities that are geared towards people who are 55 or older are another popular option for those transitioning to retirement living. These have some very attractive benefits that make them very appealing.

They are often located in areas that are conveniently close to shopping, entertainment, and restaurants. Most of them feature some amenities like green spaces, fitness centers or swimming pools.

From a social perspective, there are advantages in being surrounded by other people who are in the same stage of life. A greater sense of community can result, and friendships can be formed, so isolation is less of a risk.

The Advantages of a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) have all of the advantages that 55+ communities boast, and then some. CCRCs offer even more amenities and services for residents to enjoy. With excellent programs, there are more opportunities for social interaction.

Unlike 55+ communities, at a Continuing Care Retirement Community, there are a variety of excellent services that are available to you, including housekeeping, delicious dining options, and, most importantly, healthcare professionals on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Of course, you may not need all of these services right now. However, it is advantageous to plan for the future. Moving is never easy. It is overwhelming at any age. However a move becomes increasingly trying for people as they grow older. As you evaluate your options, be sure to consider a residence that will meet as many of your current and future needs as possible.