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Independent living communities are one option for older adults after they’ve retired. Several types of senior housing are available, but retirement communities provide the ideal environment for those looking for independent living without a lot of the stress of living alone. In addition, most retirement communities include maintenance, housekeeping, dining opportunities, and other services or amenities that make life simpler.

These types of senior living retirement communities aren’t the same as assisted living. In assisted living, residents have certain health limitations that make it challenging to tackle daily activities. Assisted living communities are generally for older adults who require around-the-clock medical care, mobility assistance, or similar services. On the other hand, an independent living community is for active older adults who can more or less take care of themselves.

But what’s it like living in one of these senior living communities? Continue reading to learn a few of the most significant highlights of this type of senior housing.

Convenient Dining

Most independent living communities provide one or more convenient dining options for residents to enjoy. Depending on the community, dining costs may be included in monthly fees or residents may get a discount on dining services. Sometimes you’ll be presented with a combination of free and discount dining options within the senior living community.

The types of dining experiences available vary from one location to the other. For example, Riddle Village provides four unique dining opportunities, including formal and casual dining options. Other independent living communities may have different dining offerings.

Like-Minded Community

Senior living communities allow you to live in an environment of like-minded individuals. Most communities have age restrictions that only allow adults over a certain age, so everyone is at the same stage of life. For example, Riddle Village only allows adults over 62 to live here. Some communities are restricted to residents over age 55.

Living in a like-minded community has several benefits. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to make many new friends and maybe even reconnect with old ones. Independent living apartments are also less likely to have noise or crime problems.

Included Yard Maintenance

Most senior apartment communities include yard maintenance in their monthly fees. Depending on how the community is set up, yards and green spaces may be shared areas. In some cases there are small yards or patios for personal use. Regardless of the setup, professionals usually take care of these areas, so you don’t have to worry about them. However, if you love to garden, many communities have clubs or gardening-related activities. You can also usually keep plants indoors or outside your apartment door if it accesses the outside.

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Reliable Housekeeping Services

In an apartment retirement community, you’ll likely have access to reliable housekeeping services weekly or biweekly. As with most other amenities, the costs of these services may be built into your monthly fees or there may be a small additional charge. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to ask or read your rental contract. You should be able to find all the most essential information about your community amenities in your rental agreement.

Additional Services and Amenities

Depending on the senior housing apartments you choose to live in, several additional services and amenities could be available inside the community. For example, there may be one or more fitness centers. The fitness center provides active seniors the ability to do age-appropriate cardio or strength training and may even offer group fitness classes.

Some communities may have golf courses or be located near one. Religious services may be offered on the grounds at a community chapel or through a visiting spiritual leader. A beauty salon, tennis courts, laundry facilities, and swimming pools are also amenities that might be offered, depending on the community you choose. For example, Riddle Village offers a pool, gym, pool table, bocce ball court, shuffle ball court, and putting green.

Peaceful, Relaxing Atmosphere

Senior housing offers the opportunity to live in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Continuing care retirement communities provide not only a quiet neighborhood but also less stress. When you don’t have to worry about the things that might be difficult for you now that you’re older, you’re freer to enjoy your golden years.

Additionally, these communities provide a beautiful space to live in. The grounds are usually well manicured and landscaped, and the buildings are generally well cared for. The continuing care retirement community rooms are often decorated in a beautiful, luxurious way that promotes peace and relaxation.

Paying for Apartment Units in Age-Restricted Communities

In apartment communities with an age restriction, many services are covered by a single monthly fee. Some services may cost extra, but you’ll be aware of additional fees before signing any contracts. If you’re considering how to pay for this type of senior living, you can speak with a member of the marketing department about financial qualifications and get additional information about payment options, such as having a guarantor.

Learn More About Living in an Independent Living Retirement Community

Living in retirement communities is one option available after reaching your golden years. Independent living retirement communities are the best option for many to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle — with less hassle than alternatives. For more information on senior apartments (including any related independent living cost), call us today at (610) 891-3700 or schedule a visit online and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.