Choosing the Right Place to Retire

When it comes to selecting a senior living community, one of the most important factors to consider is location. There are several reasons why you might choose to make this move — maybe you want to live someplace with warmer weather or a lower cost of living, or perhaps you just want to be closer to friends and family. While there are several practical matters to consider, the most important factor is making sure you’re comfortable and happy in your new place. Learning more about the different types of retirement home locations can help you make the right choice.

Urban Settings

Urban senior living community

Many senior living communities are situated in urban areas — regions within or surrounding a city. Typically, urban locations offer high populations, industrialization, and busier lifestyles. Residents in urban independent living communities have easy access to city amenities, from restaurants and shops to arts and entertainment, as well as transportation. However, the proximity to all these perks typically translates to a higher cost of living. Moreover, these regions tend to be crowded and noisy, which can cause stress and pressure. 

Rural Settings

Rural senior living community

Contrary to urban locations, rural settings are situated in more country-like areas. They feature large expanses of land, lower population rates, and a lower cost of living. Rural locations are praised for their tranquility; they often house beautiful landscapes, hiking trails, and even mountains, which lets residents take in the serenity of nature. On the other hand, being farther away from urban areas means there are fewer amenities to take advantage of. While rural areas still offer access to things like restaurants and shops, there’s typically less variety, which can get repetitive. 


Suburban senior living community

Suburban environments offer a balance between urban and rural living. They’re located close enough to a city that residents can enjoy the diverse amenities offered but far enough away that residents aren’t negatively impacted by the high population density and busy activity. In short, suburban retirement communities offer the best of both worlds — residents can enjoy the peace and calm of a country-like setting while still maintaining convenient access to city-style entertainment. 

Riddle Village Senior Living Community

Riddle Village Senior living community in Media, PA

Although picking a retirement community is never an easy choice, knowing the type of location you want can help narrow down your options. Do you want to be in an engaging city-like environment, a more distant rural location or a combination of both?

Riddle Village is a retirement community in the borough of Media, Pennsylvania, that offers proximity to the bustling city of Philadelphia while still maintaining a calm, tranquil feel. With a population of about 5,000, Media offers the comfort and closeness of a small town while also providing access to nearby restaurants and communal events. Additionally, Philadelphia is just a 30-minute drive away. While these surroundings already offer a mix of nature and entertainment, Riddle Village strives to create an on-site community where residents can stay busy, happy, and healthy.

Riddle Village creates a fun and positive living environment through a combination of activities and personalized services. In addition to community outings during which residents can explore Media or the surrounding areas in group settings, our community hosts a number of activities geared toward physical, mental, and social wellness. Residents can improve their health during fitness sessions, socialize over cocktail hours and challenge each other at bocce ball tournaments. There’s never a shortage of things to do, especially when you take into consideration the on-site amenities afforded by Riddle Village. From the cozy library and gaming room to the patio and outdoor fire pit, there are plenty of places residents can relax and socialize. Of course, we understand that sometimes people just want their privacy. That’s why we offer a range of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments.

In addition to all the amazing amenities, Riddle Village offers residents the protection of the Lifecare contract. With access to Personal Care or Skilled Nursing services, if ever needed, our residents can live their life with the security of knowing we are there for them if health needs happen to change down the line. This gives our residents and their loved ones peace of mind and confidence in the future.

Whether you already live in Pennsylvania or are looking to relocate, we’re ready to accommodate you. Learn more about our community today.