Downsizing into an independent living apartment is a big step for some individuals. Many people who are making this move wonder how they will be able to go from having a house to living in an apartment. If you’re in this position, there are a few things you might be able to do that can maximize your usage of the apartment.

One of the first things that you need to do is set a plan for the living space in your new apartment. Find out the measurements of each room you’re moving into so you can create an outline. The Riddle Village website offers floor plans for each of our 10 apartment styles. These come complete with measurements for most of the living areas to make your planning easier.

Start with the Furniture

Think about how the furniture you have now will fit into the new apartment. Keep in mind, the square footage may be different than what you’re used to.

One thing some residents of independent living apartments might overlook is how the shape of the furniture can impact the overall space. Instead of sticking to squared-off furniture, think about curvy or rounded options. Round end tables and coffee tables, sofas with curved arms, and similar options can help to reduce the look of the right angles in the apartment.

Because the appearance of size can be deceptive, you should grab a measuring tape to ensure things will fit through the doors and hallways to the apartment. You can use those to review how much space they will take up in the apartment.

Create Spaces Within the Living Areas

In the living room, you can have the main seating area where you can entertain friends and family members. You can also try to carve out a smaller reading area in one corner. A plant with a small side table and a comfortable chair can create the reading nook.

Another option is to use the corners and other out-of-the-way spaces to show off your knickknacks or family heirlooms. Floating shelving is another option that can help to add a personalized touch to your living space. You can use these to show off favorite books, pictures, or other items.

Enhance the Lighting

Even when you have amazing natural lighting coming into the space, you need to find ways to boost that. This is very important in the living spaces where you will spend time after dark. You can’t count on one single central light in each room to provide adequate illumination. Instead, you’ll need to add things like floor and table lamps so you have various light sources to cover the entire room.

You can also use mirrors to increase the lighting in the space. This will also make it appear more open than what it is. Try to strategically place mirrors in places where they will receive natural or artificial light to reflect. In some apartment floor plans, such as The Riddle, a two-bedroom option, the door to the outdoor living space for your apartment is near the sitting area in the living room. Angling a mirror to pick up that outdoor light can instantly brighten the room.

Set up Your Storage

One thing that some find challenging about living in an apartment is storage space. There are several ways you can increase the amount of storage you have in your independent living apartment. All of our apartments at Riddle Village have storage closets. Even in our smallest one-bedroom option, The Front Runner, there is a closet near the bathroom, one at the entrance of the apartment near the washer and dryer, and a storage area outside the apartment inside the indoor garage.

You can expand the storage space you have in any of our apartments by using furniture that has storage built-in. For example, you might find a platform bed that has storage drawers beneath the bed, which puts a considerable amount of space at your fingertips. This might be a good space for storing things you won’t use often, such as blankets for company that might stop by.

Evaluate Your Belongings

While you don’t have to become a minimalist in your apartment, you need to ensure that you have things set up so you can remain safe. Cluttering up the apartment can make it look messy, and it can be a safety hazard if you would ever need to get out in a hurry.

It’s easier for some individuals to part with belongings before the move. This saves you from having to move things into the new apartment. Some items, such as family heirlooms, might be passed down now so they don’t have to be dealt with later.

Ultimately, this is a time when you can reinvent the way your living space is set up. This can be a good transition into your life at an independent living facility. The goal is for you to enjoy your days with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment.

Find Out which Apartment Style is Best

With 10 different apartment styles to choose from, Riddle Village has something for everyone. Ensure your apartment matches your lifestyle and schedule a visit or call us today!