There are many factors to consider when starting the process of looking into retirement communities, and one of the most common questions older adults ponder is, “When is the right time to move to a CCRC?” There are many factors that go into answering this question, and it may be different for each individual. Continue reading for important areas to focus on when beginning the research into retirement communities.

To help you answer this question it is beneficial to evaluate your current lifestyle. Are you as active as you would like to be? Do you wish you had more excitement in your daily life? Or perhaps you already enjoy an active life and want to continue that. 

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC’s) understand the importance of social opportunities. Isolation, loneliness, and boredom play a role in both physical and mental health. At Riddle Village, there is a full calendar with programs and activities for residents to choose from every day. Whether you’re interested in joining a club, attending a concert in the Towne Hall, or participating in a group exercise class, there is something for everyone. These activities help residents form connections, make friends, and find a purpose. If you’re interested in adding excitement to your retirement years, or you want to continue challenging yourself and meeting new people, you should keep this in mind when thinking about your timeline for making a move.

Another area to consider is your past medical history and any current conditions. Continuing Care Retirement Communities like Riddle Village offer additional levels of care if needed down the road. Communities have medical criterion to ensure that all residents are living in the proper setting. To qualify for Independent Living, residents must be able to manage their activities of daily living on their own. The best way to evaluate this is to talk with your doctor. Ask him or her to consider your health history and what they think the smartest, safest option is moving forward. Your healthcare provider is a good, objective resource to use when considering the “right” time for any life decision such as a move.

There are also questions to ask about external factors when considering a CCRC, such as your current home set up. Do you have stairs at home? Are you responsible for maintaining the property, including shoveling snow or home repairs? Under these circumstances, the “right” time to move into a CCRC may be before living in a house becomes a burden or hardship. For older adults, the house they have lived in for many years may be a setting that is accident-prone or causing additional stress.

At Riddle Village, every independent living apartment comes with nurse pull cords, a daily check in system, and an option for additional safety grab bars in the bathrooms. These safety features give residents and their families peace of mind if ever there is an emergency. We also have on-site registered nursing staff at all times that can check on residents and communicate with loved ones if there are any concerns.

Two happy woman enjoy a laugh together at a CCRC

Besides the medical support, Riddle Village has departments that are dedicated to making life care-free and enjoyable for our residents. Maintenance is included in the monthly service fee. If anything in your apartment breaks or needs attention our maintenance mechanics will take care of it and a staff member is always on call in case of an emergency outside of business hours. Weekly housekeeping ensures that residents don’t have to strain themselves cleaning (flat linen service is included). Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available throughout the community so prepping, cooking, and any clean up is handled by dining staff when residents choose to eat in any of our four dining venues.

The best time to move into a retirement community is when you will be able to get the most out of it. While the “right” time may differ from person to person, there are questions you can begin asking yourself to figure out when you should make a move. Remember, you don’t have to take on this task all on your own. Include loved ones in the conversation and get their opinions. The marketing department at Riddle Village is always a helpful resource to utilize no matter where you are at in your planning process. Call 610-891-3700 to learn more about Riddle Village, CCRC’s, and when the time may be right for you to make the move.