What services do you offer to those who are not Riddle Village Life Care Residents?

Riddle Village Life Care residents have priority access to our Personal Care apartments and Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation suites. However, we often have availability and welcome non-residents to experience our high quality nursing services and amenities.  Our Personal Care apartments are available for long-term care. The Skilled Nursing Suites can be utilized for short-term, long-term and respite [...]

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What kind of dining plan does Riddle Village offer?

Riddle Village offers a Flex Dollar Dining Plan.  All residents receive a set amount of money to be used for meals each month.  The Flex Dollar amount given is based on having dinner in our most expensive dining venue multiplied by the days in the month.  The Flex Dollars can be used in any dining [...]

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Is any part of my Entrance Fee and monthly fee tax deductible?

Yes, a portion of your non-refundable entrance fee is deductible in the first year of your residency at our community.  In addition, each year a portion of your monthly fee is tax deductible on your federal tax return as pre-paid medical expenses.  A marketing representative will review these deductions with you when you visit Riddle [...]

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Can I afford to live at Riddle Village?

This is a common question for many when visiting our community.  Most are surprised by how affordable the Life Care option truly is.  The funds used to secure one’s future here at the Village may be the best money ever spent.  Riddle Village is proud to be one of the most affordable retirement communities in [...]

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What is Riddle Village’s relationship with Riddle Hospital?

Riddle Village and Riddle Hospital are separate entities, however there is a ground lease arrangement between Riddle Village and Riddle Healthcare Foundation, as they own the land that Riddle Village sits on.  The relationship between the organizations has always been a positive one and we believe it is very beneficial to our residents to have [...]

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