Can I have over night guests?

Yes!  Guests are always welcome into Riddle Village.  If you plan on having an overnight guest in your apartment we can provide you with a roll away bed, or your guests can spend the night in one of our beautifully appointed and spacious guest suites.

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Can I “test drive” the Riddle Village lifestyle?

We understand making a move to a retirement community is a big decision not to be taken lightly. For some, it is helpful to experience the lifestyle before making a final choice on where they want to call home. Please talk to your marketing representative about spending a night or two in one of our [...]

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Are there any major capital projects planned for Riddle Village?

Riddle Village has a long history of budgeting and planning major capital projects to ensure the community continues to remain attractive, functional and desirable for current and future residents. Some of our most recent capital projects include new roofs for all residential buildings, new paint and carpeting for residential buildings, the redesign of two main [...]

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What transportation services are available?

Riddle Village has a transportation team and assortment of vehicles to meet your transportation needs.  They provide transport to and from doctor appointments, grocery stores, mall shopping, planned trips, as well as, to and from the train station or airport.  Costs depend on the distance traveled.   Regularly scheduled trips to the grocery stores, shopping [...]

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What happens if I outlive my assets?

Part of the admission process at Riddle Village includes a financial review to help ensure that you have the necessary funds to live in a life Care community such as ours.  Once that review process is concluded and you have been financially accepted, Riddle Village takes on the responsibility of providing you with the lifestyle [...]

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