Crafting and building are two common hobbies in retirement, so what better way to spend your time than by bringing them together to decorate your home? Shopping for home décor can be a tiresome process. On the other hand, creating something on your own can be relaxing and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Read below for some ideas on how you can make something to spruce up your living area.


Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry can be hard to organize, especially for necklaces that get tangled or earrings that can get mismatched. One way to keep them in order is to make your own rack or box to store them in. For a necklace rack, you could use a piece of wood and some wine corks to easily mount on the wall and hang the necklaces. Riddle Village Residents have access to a Woodshop right in our community, so there are also plenty of ways to build a jewelry box or even repurpose a desk organizer to create a storage space for trinkets and charms.


Floating Book ShelvesFloating Bookshelf

With apartment spaces, it is so important to get the most of all your wall space. Bookcases can be bulky and take up a lot of room. Floating bookshelves are a way to store items without losing space in each room. If you have one shelf or another type of wall mount, you can stack books on top of each other horizontally to use the actual books themselves as a shelf. This creates the floating effect and is more visually appealing than standard shelving.


Coffee Cup Holder

Mugs can be a bulky item that takes up cabinet space. Similar to the way a shower curtain is set up, you can buy a small rail and hooks from most stores with home furniture items. Hang a few rails on an available wall in your kitchen an appropriate space apart. Add the hooks, and you can use this area to hang mug handles on the rail. Not only will this save you cabinet space, but it is a useful and creative way to decorate your kitchen.


No-Sew Throw Pillows

No-Sew Throw PillowsWhen it comes to making pillows, you really can use any material that feels comfortable to you. T-shirts, extra fabric, or tablecloths are often already in your home somewhere. You’ll need scissors, some stuffing material, and a measuring tool if you want to be as precise as possible. To avoid having to sew, you can purchase a bonding web to use with an iron or use more material than is needed so you can knot the extra fabric together.


Mail Holder Baskets

No one likes a cluttered table! Magazines, newspapers and daily mail can take up so much room on coffee tables or kitchen countertops. You can find wire baskets or small linen baskets at your local craft store or dollar store and more supplies to make them look visually appealing. With a label maker, some chalkboard stickers, or even a stencil, you can label what each bin is for. Mount them to a wall near the front door so it is conveniently placed and also nice wall decoration for guests to take notice of!