new resident waving to friends at retirement center

Moving into any new home can be challenging, and a retirement community is no different. Getting used to the new layout and lifestyle may take some time, but it helps to have a few tips from the experts. We asked one of our wellness nurses, Tricia McKee, for things that new residents can do to make their transition into Riddle Village go as smoothly as possible. 

One of the first things you can do is consider finding a local doctor and pharmacy. While keeping your current doctor is certainly an option, you should consider that when you’re not feeling well and if the doctor is far away from your new address, it may impact your care. You are always welcome to stop by the Wellness Office for a list of local doctors and specialists. For your medication needs, you can find a local pharmacy or find one that delivers medications to Riddle Village. Many of our residents utilize this convenient service.

It’s important to provide the Wellness Office with the emergency information that they request upon moving into Riddle Village. Information like your past medical history, current medications, allergies, emergency contact information, Power of Attorney, and living wills are all important for the wellness nurses to have access to. You should also keep this information organized for your own personal uses. An emergency room card and a prescription list are always helpful to keep with you or at least in a safe place in your apartment in case of emergency.

Communication with the Wellness nurses is key to getting the most out of the health services we offer. You are always welcome to discuss any dietary issues with the staff, so that they can help you avoid foods that are not good for you. Some examples of these issues could be allergies, sensitivities, or a restricted diet you may already be on. Other important conversations could be about upcoming procedures or surgeries. Wellness staff can assist with getting you a referral for help with appointments, meal delivery, or answering any other questions you may have.

The Wellness Department is a great source of help and information, so make sure you are aware of all the services they can help you with. 

“Be on the lookout for our Aging Gracefully lecture series,” Tricia said. “We discuss topics such as diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and also tips for staying healthy and active.” 

As a Lifecare community, Riddle Village operates with the knowledge that people who maintain an active lifestyle, are involved and have access to services and conveniences for healthful living have, in general, the potential to live longer, healthier and less stressful lives. The Wellness Department plays a crucial role in making sure that you get the most out of your retirement years, and familiarizing yourself with their services is an important first step in becoming a Riddle Village Resident. If you want to learn more about Riddle Village, contact us today!