Choosing a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) before you specifically need it can be a terrific idea for retired couples wanting to enjoy life, together as long as possible. From the financial to the emotional, this type of move has a number of benefits, including the three below.

1. Senior Couples Support Each Other Through the Move

The move to an CCRC is a big decision. You’re leaving a home that you might have owned and lived in for quite some time — it may even be where you raised children, loved and lost pets and experienced other personal milestones. Even for people who are excited about a new step in their life journey or who truly want to downsize into a more convenient home, this type of move can be emotionally challenging. But if you’re making it with the person you love, it reduces some of the sting and can convert the challenge into a unique adventure to enjoy together.

Making this move sooner, rather than later, can also mean you don’t have to do it alone. Leaving behind a home that you shared with your spouse after they’ve passed away can feel like losing the biggest physical connection to your life with them.

2. You and Your Spouse Get to Enjoy the Perks Longer, Together

It’s not just about avoiding the potential melancholy that comes with leaving your home. When you plan for continuing care in advance, you increase the chance that you can benefit from the highest enjoyment of this new chapter together. Some things that make this possible include:

  • Having the time you need to make the best decision about where you want to live, ensuring you make your move to a community with all the right lifestyle services and residential amenities
  • An increased likelihood that you’re both healthy and mobile enough to enjoy all the amenities and activities your new home may offer
  • Being able to travel or engage in other adventures together now that you can return home to your community at the end of a trip without ever worrying about the security and care of your home while you’re gone

3. CCRCs Offer Potential Financial Benefits 

While you do have to pay to live in a CCRC, you may find there are financial benefits to you as a couple. First, many daily requirements may be covered by the cost of your new home, including meals, entertainment and activities, housekeeping and utilities. All of this can help reduce your overall cost of living while actually opening doors for new experiences and opportunities.

Moving into a CCRC can also cut out many costs associated with homeownership. You can sell your home and stop paying a mortgage, for example, and you won’t have to worry about maintaining a property and lawn. And if you own your home outright, you may be able to use the profits from the sale to fund your new adventure.

Where to live out your retirement together is a personal choice. But couples may want to consider the value of a CCRC earlier, rather than waiting until later, if they want to reap the most benefits from such a move.

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