When you’ve spent decades building your career and focusing on work, retirement can leave you feeling a bit out of your element. Fortunately, a little advance planning goes a long way when it comes to filling up all that extra free time and enjoying a happy retirement.

Get Your Retirement Finances in Order

Having all your finances in order before you retire ensures you don’t have to worry about money during your golden years. Find out how to collect on pensions and Social Security before you retire. Consult with a lawyer and accountant to take care of estate planning, wills, taxes and a plan for covering your daily expenses.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Social and family connections remain essential throughout life, and after retirement you have more time to devote to your most important relationships. Schedule regular visits with your adult children and build a strong bond with any grandchildren to stave off loneliness and build memories that will last a lifetime for those younger generations.

Take Care of Your Health

As you age, health becomes more of a concern. You might still feel as young as you did a decade ago, or you might have noticed issues such as arthritis or fatigue sneaking up on you over the years. Whatever your current health situation, make sure to schedule regular checkups and maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. If you don’t already have a fitness routine, now is a great time to start. Regular activity keeps your body in top condition so you can enjoy all the opportunities that retirement presents.

Prepare for Mental Adjustments

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health when it comes to maximizing happiness during retirement. Some people experience depression and anxiety as they transition from full-time work to full-time leisure. Boredom and loneliness may take their toll once you aren’t spending all day in the office chatting with colleagues and concentrating on work tasks. Talking with a counselor and making plans for adapting to mental challenges posed by retirement help keep you happier in the long run.

Maintain a Regular Routine

Without work tasks on your schedule, the days can start blending into each other. Maintaining a regular routine helps you stay focused after retirement. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, and keep a calendar of weekly or monthly activities so you have plenty to look forward to in the days ahead.

Try New Hobbies

Once you retire, take the time to learn new things. Consider taking up a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Retirement is the perfect time to finally start a garden, learn to play a musical instrument or explore portrait painting. You could also spend some of your time and energy exploring local museums or volunteering at the local animal shelter or public library. Staying busy helps keep you healthier, which makes for a happier retirement.

Spend Time Seeking Peace

One big advantage of having extra time in retirement is that you can focus on your internal life as well as doing more physical activities. Spending time meditating, praying or engaging in relaxation techniques can keep your mind calm and could help maintain brain health. Quiet nature walks might also give you peace of mind along with some daily exercise.

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