For most seniors, one of the most appealing features of a retirement community is the social aspect. Living at home after retirement can become isolating. It might be a welcome change knowing that even just a walk down the hall or grabbing a cup of coffee from the café is a chance to meet someone new. While some might prefer the quieter side to retirement, where they can enjoy the simplicity of their new home and be on their own schedule, others prefer to get involved and become active in the community. It is not uncommon for those moving into a retirement community to worry about how to get started making new friends. Below is a guide to helping you meet people in comfortable and fun ways at Riddle Village.

Join a Club

One of the easiest ways to meet people who share similar interests to you is through the many activities and programs that are available to residents. Riddle Village has many groups, such as the needlework club, the computer group and the book club for those looking for a relaxing hobby or to learn something new.  For a more active approach, take part in programs like line dancing, yoga or tai chi, which are open to all residents with no sign-up or commitments necessary. Want to bring a new club to your new neighbors at Riddle Village? Maria Smith, the Activities Supervisor, can help you start your own club or get connected to someone else in the community with a similar interest. With so many options, you are sure to find the group or club that is the right fit for you.

Dine Out

A pastime that friends of all ages enjoy together is going out to eat. At Riddle Village, dining is an easy and relaxing way to meet new people. After you move in, your floor representative and members of the Welcome Wagon will reach out to you and many will invite you out for dinner or drinks. The Thoroughbred Lounge and patio is a nice place to order up some cocktails and strike up a conversation. If you are settled in, but looking for a great way to meet others, head to one of our restaurants. Riddle Village encourages residents to ask the hostess to be seated with other residents who have an opening at their table and looking for others to join them. This welcoming and friendly environment is a great way to learn more about your neighbors and make some new friends.

Enjoy All Of Our Amenities

It is easy to find a friendly face to enjoy our amenities with around Riddle Village. Stop by the game room where residents are always looking for more pool players to join in. Consider heading to the art studio where the door is always open to learn a new technique or take a class. Perhaps join in on a book club discussion in our library.  There are so many options. When the weather is nice, the courtyard is another popular spot for social events. From spring to fall, residents enjoy friendly competition in bocce ball, shuffleboard and putting tournaments. Year round, take a group exercise class or work on a project in the woodshop. Our residents love seeing new faces!

Explore the Commons Area

The only guaranteed way to meet new friends is to get out of your apartment and discover what the community has to offer you. The activities department at Riddle Village works hard to provide you with an array of social events and outings to join. The center of all activity at Riddle Village is our Towne Hall. This is where presentations, seminars, movies, and much more take place. The Towne Hall is always busy, making it a great place to meet people. Across from the Towne Hall, our café offers complimentary beverages 24/7. This is a great location to sit down with a new friend for coffee or play an after-dinner game of bridge or poker. Take time to explore the whole community and remember to say hello as you pass by. As we like to say: “smile, say hello and everything else will follow!”

For more information about what Riddle Village has to offer request a brochure or schedule a visit today.