One of the most appealing aspects of living in a retirement community is no longer having to worry about daily responsibilities such as taking care of a house or cooking meals. Everyday hassles take up time and can be a burden that interferes with years that are supposed to be relaxing. At Riddle Village, our convenient services are available to each and every resident. These services mean more time to spend every day doing what you love.

Safety First

The most important service that any retirement community can provide is the peace of mind of knowing that you are in a safe environment with the opportunity to maintain or improve your health. Living in a house means driving or finding a ride to a doctor’s office to address any concerns or waiting for medical care in the case of an emergency. At Riddle Village, wellness is a part of all of our residents’ daily lives. Every apartment in our community comes with emergency pulls cords and a daily check-in system. If a resident needs help, they pull one of the conveniently located cords and a nurse from our wellness department comes to the apartment. Additionally, by checking in every morning, family and friends can rest assured knowing that day-to-day their loved one is safe and thriving. The wellness center is an important resource for our residents to utilize. If they have questions or concerns, need their vitals checked, blood work is done, or more, the wellness staff is happy to assist. We even have physician suites for doctors and specialists. However, if your doctor is offsite, the transportation department is available to take you to and from appointments.


Taking care of a house is a full-time job. Not only is there cleaning to consider, but it seems as if there is always work to be done regarding repairs and upkeep. Riddle Village residents never have to worry about finding the time to take care of these daily tasks. Weekly housekeeping means that your home is always at its best. You can host friends and family at any given moment, or even just relax guilt-free knowing that there are no chores waiting to be done. If anything unexpected pops up, maintenance is just a phone call away and can stop by to address any issues. All you have to do is point them in the right direction, and they will take care of the rest.

Delicious Meals

Another significant factor of living in a house is planning, preparing, and cleaning up at least three meals every day. People have to set aside time for deciding what to eat and then shopping to ensure they have the ingredients, cook the food, and then do all the dishes and make sure the kitchen is back in order before they can relax and, soon after, start planning their next meal. At Riddle Village, every meal is available right in our community! Residents simply have to decide what they’re in the mood for. You can choose from casual to upscale and to-go or sit-down. Each dining venue has a standard menu so residents know their favorites are always available, but there are also daily chef specials for when you’re looking to try something new. And don’t worry, residents can still host in our community! Guests are always welcome to dine with us, and for special occasions such as a party, residents can even reserve a private room for the event!

With all of these hassles taken care of, residents have more time than ever for fun and stimulating daily programs. Sometimes, looking for things to do in retirement can be a challenge. Things that interest you can be hard to find, especially with a group of like-minded individuals and friends. Every week at Riddle Village, an activity gram is sent to residents with details about dates, times, and locations of upcoming events. Residents can do as much or as little as they choose. The activities department coordinates and schedules every event, so even deciding how you’re going to spend your day is one step easier than it used to be. All programs are close by, and thanks to our enclosed walkways, residents never even have to go outside in cold or rainy weather to get to and from each program.

Contact Us

Riddle Village provides all of our residents with services that make retirement a relaxing and fun experience. Residents can live each day exactly how they choose, knowing that Riddle Village has everything covered. To learn more about our services, click here or give us a call at 610-891-3700.