With the holiday season in full swing, you might find yourself scrambling to think of gift ideas for your loved ones. While some age groups are easy to shop for, people often struggle with what to get older adults who seem to already have everything they need. Oftentimes, seniors are trying to downsize by getting rid of their belongings. Because of this, it can be difficult to think of a present that will not only make them happy, but also one thatgets used.


Everyday there are more advances in technology that make life easier for all of us, including seniors. With social media, email, and video chat, iPads make it easy to keep in touch with family you may not get to see as often as you like. From a health standpoint, iPads offer convenient ways to track diet and exercise, manage medication, and research illnesses. Other benefits include on-the-go entertainment like watching television, reading a new book, or challenging yourself with a puzzle.


With more free time, older adults often enjoy creating something of their own as a way to feel accomplished and relaxed. Knitting, woodworking, and painting can be new activities to learn or old hobbies to get back into. Not only do projects like this give seniors a fun task to complete, but it also has many health benefits. Things like increased dexterity and lower blood pressure can be the result of relaxing hobbies. Look into options like adult coloring books, how-to books, and do-it-yourself project ideas.

Photo Albums

Seniors always enjoy seeing pictures of their loved ones, so a photo album filled with memories is sure to be a hit. This could be a special present for anyone, especially those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, as a way to take a trip down memory lane. Organizing your pictures by relative, events, and vacations will make it easy to fill up more than one book. Having pictures in one place will also help to declutter your house and make it easy to look back on fond memories. If you’re looking for something to help fill a book, a new picture of the entire family can be a touching surprise.

Gift Cards or Tickets

After retirement, most seniors find themselves looking for new experiences rather than new belongings. If you are struggling to think of something your loved one does not already own, try finding tickets to a concert, sporting event, or musical production. This could make a special date night out for an older couple, a great chance at socializing with friends, or a fun bonding experience if more members of the family are able to get tickets as well. You can look into senior and group discounts to help stay on a budget!