Many find that living in a retirement community provides a whole new opportunity to do what they love on a much bigger scale.

Without the many hassles of everyday life, residents have more time than ever to expand on their talents and learn more about those pastimes and interests they have always loved.

Making the move to a community like Riddle Village, gives you the freedom of time, allowing you to have the flexibility to participate in clubs, enjoy high end amenities, and attend the numerous programs that are offered.

Residents agree that by keeping busy and staying engaged, retirement living can open the door to the beginning of new passions and allows individuals to nurture old ones.

Riddle Village resident, Dr. Robert Sumner, has been practicing woodworking since he was six years old and found solace in our woodshop immediately after moving in. It is now one of his favorite parts about living here.

“I can get lost in time when I am in the shop making furniture,” Sumner says. “When you enjoy doing something, it isn’t work. I always look forward to going to the woodshop because it is relaxing and because of the camaraderie with other woodworkers.”

Dr. Sumner has learned new techniques and shortcuts in the Riddle Village woodshop and has also donated some of his own equipment, so that he could teach woodworking to fellow residents. He says that the woodshop is accommodating for beginners and long-time craftsman.

The woodshop is not the only place to enjoy a favorite pastime. Other areas of our community are also available for our residents to enjoy.

bocce ball activities at riddle villageWhether you prefer spending your time painting in our studio, shooting pool in the billiards room, or playing a round of golf on our putting green, there is something for everyone at Riddle Village.

Retirement communities are a great place to find new passions. With inclusive amenities, residents have the opportunity to explore and discover new interests every day. Our community is filled with individuals from all different backgrounds. Many introduce new programs and experiences, enhancing the lives of all our residents.

Retirement is the perfect time in life to focus on doing what you love. It is the time to find new hobbies and further develop the ones you have enjoyed for many years. It isn’t the end of learning; it is merely a new beginning!