Starting the process of looking into a continuing care retirement community or CCRC can be daunting. Not only are there many different options to choose from in regards to location and size, but there are also factors to consider that you may not have previously been familiar with. Things like the type of contract, levels of care, and general terminology in the retirement industry might be new to you. To help you along the way in your research, we gathered some common terms you will hear often in retirement communities.

One of the first areas any future resident or their loved one who is doing research will want to be familiar with is the type of contract that is offered. For example, Riddle Village has a Lifecare contract.

Lifecare Contract (Type A) 

This contract has an entrance fee and provides living accommodations, community residential services, and amenities, plus unlimited long-term Personal Care and Skilled Nursing Care with virtually no increase to the monthly fee. You may also hear this referred to as a Type A contract.

There are two other contracts you should be familiar with when looking into retirement communities. Each contract has an entrance fee, but their monthly fees and services vary. 

Modified Lifecare Contract (Type B) 

This contract generally has lower monthly fees and sometimes lower entrance fees than a Type A contract. If a higher level of care is needed down the line, typically there is a discounted rate or a predetermined number of days covered before paying the market rate for personal care, memory care, or skilled nursing. 

Fee-For-Service (Type C)

This contract often has the lowest entrance fees and monthly fees. Some of the services and amenities covered in other contracts may be included, but there may be others that are offered at an additional fee. Under this contract, if a resident needs a higher level of care, the monthly fee will increase to cover the costs for the care they are receiving. 

It is important to also familiarize yourself with the different types of communities to consider:

Continuing Care Retirement Community

Also known as a Life Plan community. a retirement community that offers a full continuum of services provided to you beginning at admission with a Residential Apartment in Independent Living, and continuing, if necessary to Personal Care and Skilled Nursing Care in the Health Care Center

Seniors at a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Rental Community

 May have limited higher levels of care or no higher levels of care. If a care level is needed that is not available at the community the resident may need to move to a different community or health care facility. 

Another important factor in the research process is the level of care that will best meet you or your loved one’s needs. Riddle Village has multiple living options available to our residents. 

Independent Living 

Independent living is ideal for those 62 and older, who seek to enjoy an active, comfortable lifestyle that provides the freedom to live your life your way, every day. 

Personal Care

The perfect setting for those who need daily living assistance, while also enjoying a comfortable luxury living lifestyle in their own apartment. 

Skilled Nursing 

Skilled nursing provides residents with direct care and assistance around the clock from registered nurses, dieticians, activity staff, social workers, and physicians. 

Skilled Nursing guiding senior on his exercise

Respite Care

A short-term stay for those who receive help from a caregiver who is temporarily unavailable or need additional time of recovery after a hospital or rehabilitation stay before going home.

Once you are familiar with contract types and levels of care, you can start focusing on a specific community and learning about what their policies have to offer to see if it would be a good match. Ask questions about:

Ancillary Fees

 Extra services that are available in the community are not included in the monthly fee and are an additional cost. 

Snowbird Policy 

How the community handles monthly fees when a resident is away for an extended period of time.

Researching retirement communities can be a lot of work, but Riddle Village is here to make it easier for you. To learn more about common terms and what they mean, visit the glossary page of our website. You can also call the marketing office at 610-891-3700 to speak to a member of our sales team.