Who doesn’t love to play bingo? Activity directors at senior living apartment communities often host bingo games as a way to entertain residents and encourage socialization. To really get residents excited, it’s a good idea to offer prizes to winners. Knowing there’s a special reward for the winner can make bingo even more entertaining than it already is. Here are 15 of our favorite bingo prize ideas for seniors.


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Top 15 Bingo Prize Ideas for Seniors

1. Puzzles and Games

If you know a senior who loves bingo, chances are they enjoy other games as well. Whether you’re looking to exercise cognitive skills or just want an entertaining way to pass the time, puzzles and games will get the job done. Thus, they’re a great prize to offer for your next bingo session. Card games, word searches, and crossword puzzles are just a few possible prizes.

2. Stuffed Animals

There’s a reason carnival games always offer stuffed animals as a prize. After all, who doesn’t like a soft, cuddly stuffed toy? You could even ask residents about their favorite animals to find toys they’ll like.

3. Candy and Sweets

Residents who have a sweet tooth will definitely appreciate a dessert-themed gift. Chocolates, hard candies, and baked goods are just a few fun bingo prizes you could give out. Be sure to include sugar-free options for those who have dietary restrictions.

4. Gift Baskets

Can’t settle on a single prize? Consider putting together some gift baskets. You can fill these with any inexpensive items, such as nail polish, candy, or toys. And, during the holiday seasons, gift baskets offer a great opportunity to provide a themed gift. For example, in October, you could put together spooky Halloween-themed gift baskets filled with candy and decor.

5. DIY Prizes

If you’re looking for a unique bingo prize, consider making your own prizes. For example, you could craft jewelry, put together a scrapbook, or assemble some fun decorations. All you need are arts and crafts supplies and a little creativity.


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6. Cozy Items

During the winter, there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket. Next time you’re hosting a bingo game during cold weather, you might want to grab some cozy, warm items to distribute as prizes. Along with blankets, you could award scarves, gloves, or thick sweaters.

7. Spa Gifts

Do you know any seniors who like to pamper themselves? If so, spa-themed gifts may be just what you need to spice up your next bingo game. Just grab a basket and fill it with self-care items, like lotions, slippers, and candles.

8. Comedic Mugs

Comedic mugs, or mugs that have funny phrases or images on them, make a great bingo prize. For starters, mugs are functional items that almost everyone has in their kitchen. Plus, that funny slogan is bound to put a smile on the winner’s face.

9. Tote Bags

If there’s one thing you can never have enough of, it’s tote bags. Not only are they useful for carrying groceries or shopping items, but many tote bags come with fun phrases and pictures. You can even get custom tote bags that are centered around a senior’s interests.

10. Picture Frames

Lots of seniors have photographs of friends and family that they cherish. Why not give them a chance to showcase their favorite photos by awarding picture frames? You could also offer photo albums or scrapbooks.


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11. Greeting Cards

Have you ever forgotten a major event and then had to scramble to find or create a greeting card? From birthdays to anniversaries, there are tons of important life occasions we have to remember. Ultimately, we could all benefit from having a stack of greeting cards ready — which makes them one of the best bingo prize ideas for seniors.

12. Gift Cards

If you can’t decide on what prizes to offer, why not let seniors pick out what they want? Find out the stores they like to visit and get gift cards for those locations. Some favorites among older adults may include gift cards to Target, the Dollar Store, or a nearby grocery store.

13. Home Decor

Decorations are a great way to spruce up a room and make it cozy. As with gift baskets, you can offer themed decorations, such as spooky banners or pumpkin-scented candles for Halloween and ornaments or tinsel for Christmas.

14. Flowers

There’s no doubt that flowers can improve anyone’s mood. Along with giving off a pleasant scent, flowers instantly brighten any room they’re in. For those with allergies, fake flowers will make a great gift.

15. Bingo Bucks

If you’re a big bingo fan, you may be familiar with the term “bingo bucks.” In essence, this is fake money that’s offered as a reward to bingo winners. Seniors can collect bingo bucks and use them to buy available prizes. These prizes can be anything mentioned above, from games and greeting cards to candy and stuffed toys.

Looking for ways to make a standard bingo game even more unique? You could host a “bingo auction” and have seniors use the play money to place wagers for their favorite prizes. It’s essentially two games in one!


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Enjoy Activities, Entertainment and Good Company at Riddle Village

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