At Riddle Village, you’ll experience an active retirement community because we believe a healthy lifestyle is achieved by maintaining a strong mind and body. Offering our residents numerous amenities, classes and programs allow us to help them reach their goals.

Making fitness both fun and convenient is a priority for us. With exciting daily classes and access to the fitness center (open 24/7), you will never have to worry about finding the motivation to work out.

The fitness center provides options, such as, free weights, circuit training and cardio machines to use at any time. If you are a beginner, set up an appointment to meet with Mary Wolstenholme, our Fitness Coordinator. She is onsite during business hours and available to help create an individual program that works best for you. Mary also works closely with therapy companies to help transition residents into a regular fitness routine.

The machinery in the fitness center is part of the Life Fitness brand, which is geared towards a mature age population. This helps to ensure that our residents are getting in the appropriate workouts and focusing on the right areas. The treadmills and bicycles are a healthy way to strengthen your heart and lungs, while the weight machines include a 9-system circuit that covers all the major muscle groups.

In addition to the physical advantages of a healthy fitness routine, there is the added aspect of socialization. One of the most appealing parts about working out is the social aspect. Classes offered at Riddle Village are a great way to catch up with neighbors and meet new people.

swimming activities for seniorsFor example, join one of our resident-led classes in our indoor pool, which focuses on joint movement and stretching. Not only is it fun to join group workouts, but seeing someone of like mind and similar age leading the class is motivating.

Classes offered like senior yoga and balance are aimed at individual progress. They help residents who may have difficulty with stability or a history of falls. These classes also allow individuals to improve at their own pace. This is encouraged by our Fitness Coordinator, who has been a yoga instructor since 2002.

“My approach to teaching is as it always has been: do what you can, challenge where you feel ready, honor your limitations, and grow in a regular practice to gain strength and flexibility,” Mary says.

We understand that not every resident may be looking for the standard fitness routine, which is why we offer a variety of other ways to stay fit and healthy. Trips to landmarks and museums offered by Riddle Village are great for cultural stimulation, as well as a great way to participate in a “walking workout.” Looking to exercise the mind? Residents also enjoy trivia and brain games to stay sharp and enjoy a little friendly competition.

Healthy living and happy living go hand in hand, and they are both major components to an enjoyable and well deserved retirement!

Request a brochure or schedule a visit to learn more about the activities and amenities that Riddle Village has to offer.