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Independent Residential Living

If you’re entering retirement and looking to enjoy a change of pace, Riddle Village could be the perfect option for you. This luxury retirement community in PA offers luxury accommodations, a convenient location and ample amenities to suit all tastes.

Open to seniors aged 62 and older, Riddle Village is widely regarded as one of the best 62+ communities in PA thanks to its luxury accommodations, high care standards and commitment to providing life-enriching activities and learning opportunities.

A senior woman enjoying a leisurely walk with her dog in the serene surroundings of one of best retirement communities near Philadelphia
Caregiver providing attentive support to a senior woman in her private room at a PA independent living community

Personal Care at Riddle Village

Our personal care services ensure every resident can live life to the fullest, enjoying the freedom and independence of private accommodations while still taking advantage of help with daily living activities.

At Riddle Village, we provide personalized care tailored to your needs. You won’t have to worry about housekeeping, cooking or other day-to-day tasks. If you need help getting around or support with medication management, bathing or other regular tasks, our professional caregivers are here to help you. Choose senior personal care at Riddle Village to enjoy resort-style living without limits.

Skilled Nursing Care: Compassionate and Professional

The Riddle Village skilled nursing care service is aimed at seniors who require a higher level of care than offered in the Personal Care program. Residents receive attentive care from skilled nurses and other healthcare professionals while living in safe, luxurious accommodations. We offer engaging, life-enriching activities and social opportunities for residents, all tailored to their interests and abilities.

Our care team includes registered nurses and certified nursing assistants, as well as physical, occupational and speech therapists. Residents who are part of our skilled nursing program receive round-the-clock care and support, including meal plans designated by dietitians, as well as support from activity staff, social workers and physicians to help maintain a high quality of life.

A doctor spends time with a senior woman at one of the best retirement communities in Pennsylvania
Senior man actively participating in rehabilitation therapy in an environment that promotes his well-being and interest.

Senior Rehabilitation Services in Our Community

The road to recovery after a fall, an injury or an illness can be a challenging one. At Riddle Village, we offer several senior rehabilitation services, including physical, occupational and speech therapies. Our wellness center is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to help seniors regain their mobility and independence.

We offer inpatient and outpatient therapy options to help seniors regain or maintain their mobility, health, and strength. Our rehabilitation plans are tailored to the needs of residents, and our supportive specialists challenge seniors to achieve their goals in a safe, engaging way.


Respite Care: Short-Term Support With Long-Term Benefits

Being a family caregiver can be difficult, and sometimes caregivers need a break to take care of themselves for a while. Our respite care service gives caregivers some short-term relief so they can tend to their own needs, knowing the safety and health of their loved one is being taken care of.

Our respite care service is also suitable for seniors who’ve been in the hospital and would like some extra time to recuperate before returning home.

A short stay at our respite care facility can provide an opportunity for caregivers to decompress and enjoy some time to themselves, reducing the load they feel as a caregiver.

Daughter warmly presenting a bouquet of flowers to her senior mom, symbolizing the loving care and support provided in a respite care setting
A group of elders enjoying companionship and shared activities in the common room of a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community in PA: A Comprehensive Approach

With our Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), you gain the peace of mind that your retirement needs are all taken care of. Should your care needs change, you can remain a member of our community with virtually no increase in your care bills

Our continuing care service provides access to personal care and skilled nursing services and ensures you can remain among your friends in the community you’ve made your home. You can stay on the same campus and continue to participate in the activities you’ve come to love.

Once you’ve found a community you’re happy to be a part of, knowing you’re able to stay there long-term can be a significant source of comfort. With Riddle Village’s continuing care service, you’ll know you’ve found your long-term home.

Luxury Retirement Apartments for a Refined Lifestyle

Our luxury retirement village offers a variety of apartment options ranging from one to three bedrooms. There are 10 floor plans to choose from, and residents receive housekeeping and maintenance services, enjoy delicious food served in one of our 4 unique restaurants and a variety of recreational, educational and social opportunities.

Turn your retirement into a long luxury holiday with Riddle Village.

An elegant one-bedroom apartment within a retirement village in PA
A group of joyful seniors engaged in a friendly game of chess, sharing laughter and camaraderie in a lively social setting

Senior Living in PA: A Community of Distinction Near Philadelphia

We understand that moving into senior accommodations and leaving your family home can be a big decision. That’s why we work so hard to ensure our retirement community near Philadelphia is a welcoming place where residents feel they’re among friends and have all their day-to-day needs catered to.

If you’re looking for luxury senior living in PA that gives you the opportunity to try new things and live life to the fullest, Riddle Village is the community for you.

Luxury Independent Living Retirement Community: Your New Chapter in Media, PA

Riddle Village has a lot to offer seniors looking for luxury independent living in PA. In addition to luxury accommodations, residents can take advantage of the Commons Building, which includes a library, pool, cocktail lounge, workshop and numerous other amenities.

With a vast range of independent living activities to take part in and attractive spaces for entertaining family members and other visitors, it’s easy to see why so many residents consider Riddle Village the best independent living community in PA.


A woman enjoying quality time with her elderly mother during family visits at an independent living retirement community
A happy senior couple at a retirement community in Pennsylvania

Discover Upscale Retirement Living in
Our 62 and Over Community

Retirement doesn’t have to mean slowing down. Our upscale retirement community offers a variety of options for residents to learn new skills, find new hobbies and meet interesting people. Enjoy fine dining at our restaurants, relax and unwind in the hot tub or keep fit with classes in the wellness center. The choice is yours.

Choose Riddle Village Retirement Community, and you’ll become a part of one of the most vibrant senior living communities in Pennsylvania.

“We’ve met a lot of new people and it’s been very gratifying.”

— BK & Judie Roberts, Residents

Join Our Family: The Best Luxury Retirement Homes in Pennsylvania

Enjoy your retirement in luxury by joining one of the best retirement communities in PA. Whether you’re looking for independent living properties or require a little extra care, our luxury retirement homes in Pennsylvania can support your needs.
Contact us today to schedule a visit and see our vibrant community firsthand. We’re looking forward to welcoming you.

Discover Luxury Independent Living

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