Exercise promotes mental and physical health. Consistently incorporating fitness into your lifestyle reduces [1] your risk of heart disease while increasing your mobility. It also helps strengthen cognitive skills. Unfortunately, many elderly adults abandon their exercise routines when winter weather arrives.

While it’s difficult to enjoy a game of tennis or a leisurely stroll around the park during winter, there are still numerous ways to stay fit at Riddle Village. Stay active with these 10 suggestions when the weather becomes cold.

1. Indoor Walks

Walking improves [2] your sleep and may even increase your lifespan, but finding motivation for an outdoor walk is difficult during winter. Riddle Village has enclosed walkways so residents can walk year-round. You can also walk at an indoor mall or recreational center on cold days.

2. Water Aerobics

Water aerobics get your heart pumping without straining your joints as much as traditional aerobics. Join a class or get a group of friends together at the indoor pool and move your bodies.

3. Swimming

Swimming helps strengthen your core while cushioning your muscles. Swim laps around an indoor pool or using our endless pool simulator for a full-body workout that’s gentle yet effective.

4. Fitness Classes

Many elderly adults hate exercising alone. Some feel lonely, while others worry they may injure themselves while nobody is around to help. Fitness classes solve both of these common concerns. Seniors can stretch, bend and dance in a fun, safe setting.

5. One-On-One Training

Not all golden-agers enjoy socializing with other adults as they exercise. If you prefer to exercise alone, consider working with a personal trainer. A personal trainer develops custom workouts based on your abilities and preferences. This helps you enjoy — rather than dread — each effective workout.

6. Weight Lifting

Weight lifting builds muscles so you have more strength for daily tasks, such as; carrying groceries, washing dishes and pushing around a vacuum. It’s not necessary to use heavy weights or even official exercise equipment; some lift cans of soup or vegetables. You can do this while you watch television or listen to music.

7. Dance Party

Gather a group of friends for an indoor dance party. Crank up the radio and show off your favorite dance moves, whether you enjoy the foxtrot or square dancing. It’s okay if your moves don’t match the music. Just wiggle your hips, shake your arms and have fun.

8. Stretches

Traditional exercises are not appropriate for everyone. If you are injured or disabled, you may benefit from gentle stretches. You can do these anywhere, and you don’t need special equipment. Consult with the Riddle Village fitness trainer for stretches that best suit you.

9. Exercise Videos

Workout videos let you exercise in your own home whenever your schedule allows. You can stream exercise videos from a laptop or rent a DVD from the library. Many stores also sell workout videos geared toward all fitness levels, so you can easily find something that’s right for your body.

10. Recreational Games and Sports

If the ideas above don’t interest you, consider burning calories during recreational games. Many golden-agers enjoy playing pool, air hockey and shuffleboard. You can also visit a bowling alley or play miniature golf.

Don’t let winter derail your fitness goals. Stay fit year-round with our expert ideas from Riddle Village.

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