You’re on a Waiting List…What now?

You found the right retirement community, picked the perfect apartment model and you have been added to a waitlist until one becomes available. Now what should you do?

The initial reaction to being put on a waitlist can be frustrating for those who are ready now. Most want immediate results and the thought of putting off a big decision can be overwhelming. However, take a step back and you might find being on a waitlist is a great opportunity to give yourself time to get comfortable with your future home.

Plan a Visit

Visiting a community is a helpful way for future residents to get a feel for living there one day. At this point in the process, you should have already completed a tour, but coming back to look around at your own pace is an even better way to really picture yourself in your potential home. Stay for a few nights at the community, eat in the restaurants, and sit down with residents to get answers from someone who has been in your shoes.

If staying over for a night or two is not a convenient option for you, daily programs and events are a simpler way for you to see what life at a retirement community is like. Oftentimes, brochures will include an activities calendar or you can find it online on the community’s website or social media pages.

Joining residents for events like bocce ball tournaments or bus trips to an afternoon show allows you to meet your future neighbors and ensure that you have some friends waiting to greet you on move in day.

Prepare For Moving

Being on a waitlist is also the perfect time for planning ahead. Moving from your current home can be a big transition and most likely some downsizing is necessary. It is never too early to go through some of your belongings to determine what will be coming to your new home, what will be given to friends and family and what needs to be donated or disposed of. This task, although time consuming, will make the process of moving easier when the time comes and your home will be show ready for the real estate market.

Take full advantage of your time on the waiting list to get a better feel of your future home. If you do, when it comes time to move in, you will be prepared and confident that making this big move is the right decision for you!