Baby boomers have changed the world in so many ways — and one big area is senior living. Boomers have focused on being vibrant and healthy in retirement. Lifecare communities such as Riddle Village recognize that you might be 100% independent but can benefit significantly from living among friends in an enriching environment. Continue reading to learn what Lifecare planning is, how it can benefit you and why it’s preferable to age in place at home.

Senior couple inquiring about lifecare planning from an insurance agent.

What Is a Lifecare Community?

Today’s older adults recognize that senior living should be fun and action-packed while promoting independence wherever possible, which is why Riddle Village offers a Lifecare contract — also known as Type A.

This type of contract grants you access to accommodations, services and amenities, and unlimited personal care and skilled nursing with virtually no monthly increases to your service fee. This means you can age in place in a comfortable, familiar environment, surrounded by friends. Plus, you won’t be struck with the added pressure of hefty price increases in case your needs change.

Benefits of Lifecare Planning Programs

Moving to a Lifecare community when you hit the required age has a ton of benefits. As soon as you’re 62, you can throw the weekly chores out the window, stop stressing over transportation, and enjoy your hobbies and a luxurious lifestyle all in one place.

Age in Place

Many older adults have the desire to age in place. While remaining at home might feel comfortable, it comes with hazards and downsides compared to aging in place in a Lifecare community. You don’t need to keep up with repairs, housework, cooking, or stocking up the cupboards. And, in case you require access to care, you won’t have to move in and out of a facility.

Peace of Mind

Opting for a Lifecare plan means you can retain your independence for as long as possible without a change in environment. In case your needs change, the last thing you need is to be uprooted and move — which is a strong possibility if you remain at home. You also have peace of mind that you and your loved ones won’t be hit with huge bills if you need to progress from personal care to skilled nursing.

Senior couple happy walking together and has peace of mind due to advance care planning.

Social Connection and Enriching Activities 

Science has taught us that social connection is just as important to health as diet and exercise. Older adults who lack daily interaction are more likely to experience cognitive and physical decline than those who see their friends daily. What’s more, taking part in engaging activities and continuing to pursue learning opportunities keeps the body and mind healthy and joyful.

Even if you’re not experiencing any health issues currently, a Lifecare community can help you stave them off as long as possible.

Healthy Food (That You Don’t Have to Cook Yourself!)

The dining and wellness departments can provide dietary and nutritional guidance, plus meals are prepared by a chef — and you don’t have to worry about setting up or clearing away. Many of the best Lifecare communities offer a choice of dining options, so you’ll never get bored with the food. Special diets are catered to, and you’ll get to dine in a restaurant-like setting for every meal.

Priority Access to Continuing Care 

Knowing that any future health needs are taken care of by the people you’ve lived with and trust offers huge peace of mind. Moving into an independent living community by your own choice is an empowering and liberating opportunity. That’s in stark contrast to being forced to move from your home because your health has declined. Someone who stays at home may have to face moving into a strange environment on top of dealing with their changing needs.

Financial Advantage

Health care gets more expensive by the year, and a Type A contract means you only have to cover any external medical costs instead of health care costs plus an increase in senior living costs. Having predictable monthly costs, even when moving through the care continuum, has clear and obvious benefits.

Group of seniors hanging out together at the lifecare retirement community.

Aging in Place: Community Living vs. Staying at Home

Choosing where you’ll spend your retirement years is a big deal in lifecare planning. Lifecare lets you live comfortably on your terms and avoid any unpredictable charges. However, the idea of leaving a familiar environment is difficult for most people to embrace at first. Some points to consider about living in a community if you’re undecided include:

  • Maintenance, housekeeping, and cooking are lovingly taken care of on your behalf.
  • You’ll never have a lonely day — unless you want to be alone!
  • It’s easy to get around the local community with on-site transport, saving you the cost and hassle of driving.
  • You avoid costly modifications and renovations in case your needs change.

Keep in mind that you’ll have a small period of adjustment when you move into a Lifecare community. However, once you’ve adapted to life in a luxurious environment where your every need is catered to, you’ll never want to look back.

Why Choose Riddle Village’s Lifecare Community?

At Riddle Village, we care deeply about each individual resident and tailor your Lifecare plan to suit your specific needs. Our residents adore the variety and opulence of the lifestyle we curate, and we’re sure you will, too. We offer every level of support, including:

Residents can keep fit in the on-site gym, play games in the courtyard, relax on the patio and watch the koi carp, practice hobbies in the woodworking shop, or enjoy a full range of indoor activities every day. There are four dining venues with unique menus, and you can take part in regular trips and outings.

Kick Back and Enjoy Your Retirement to the Fullest

Schedule a tour or request a brochure today to learn more about the wonderful lifestyle we curate for residents here at Riddle Village, the best lifecare retirement community in Media, PA.