The pandemic has brought with it a need for social distancing to protect ourselves and those around us. While this certainly comes with challenges to avoid isolation and loneliness, there are also many opportunities to connect with loved ones thanks to technology. Now that we have been utilizing video calls more than ever, you may be looking for creative ways to keep the calls fun. Below are some ways you can entertain yourself and loved ones during virtual hang outs!

Game Nights

Game night virtual hangout

You don’t need to be in the same room for some friendly competition! Not only are there websites that have games you can play on a video call such as Pictionary or card games like Uno, but you can even break out some classic board games like Monopoly and Scattegories and play virtually. If you want to make your own game up depending on the crowd, trivia nights have been a popular trend this year. When in doubt, you can also go with a timeless game that is appropriate for all ages and easy to learn: bingo!

Costume Contests

Virtual hangout costume party

One way to break free from the ordinary is to dress up for the occasion! You can opt for a themed night, such as dressing up like a famous character or choose a decade to dress from. You may also want to treat the occasion like Halloween and let everyone surprise each other with what they show up as. You can also add in contests such as most creative, funniest, or best duo. Throw in music, games, and prizes and this will be your favorite party of the year!

Share a Meal

Hangout with a senior in a virtual hangout

Laughing over a meal, sharing details about your day, and bonding over delicious food is one of the most common ways for friends and families to spend time together. Instead of just a regular meal, shake it up a little by making it a weekend brunch or having a themed dinner, such as everyone making the same meal with their own spin on it or choosing a country to each make a specialty dish from.

Talent Show

grand daughter performing for grandparents

Kick it up a notch by giving everyone a chance to show off their skills! Singing, dancing, painting, or whatever else you have a knack for can be a great chance to practice your own hobby and show your loved ones what you can do. Whether you want to vote on a winner or celebrate everyone for participating, this is an entertaining way for every participant to shine. You may even find a new activity you want to give a try!

Movie Night

Virtual hangout movie night

Sometimes you might just want to relax and have a quiet night, but who says you have to do it alone? Many streaming websites have added a feature where you can watch movies or TV shows as a group even from different locations. You can choose a special feature or even pick a new series to binge watch together.