Research shows that for seniors, travel is at the top of the list of priorities, with AARP reporting that in 2016, 99% of Baby Boomers were planning to travel for leisure and had approximately 4 or 5 trips in the works.

Traveling at any age can be stressful. Between booking reservations and packing up belongings, things like home maintenance can oftentimes be overlooked, leaving a lot of work to be handled when returning home. The other option might be to have a family member or neighbor check in on your house, but that can be a burden on them, adding more stress to the situation.

Riddle Village makes travel relaxing and enjoyable, as it should be. Retirement is the time to go to places you’ve dreamed about throughout your life or for visiting family members you have not been able to see due to your busy schedule. Our residents can vacation peacefully knowing that our staff is happy to keep things in order for them while they are away.

The maintenance department is on hand in case of any emergency situations occur in a resident’s apartment while they are away. Residents can also give written permission to the housekeeping staff to enter their apartment and clean while they are not home, if they choose. Residents traveling can rest assure there are no chores or worries waiting for them after vacation.

When traveling for a week or longer, residents can call the concierge desk and arrange to have their mail collected and held until their return. Riddle Village wants residents to enjoy their travels and are proud to offer an extended leave policy. Residents who are away from the community for 90 days or longer receive 30% off their monthly statement for each month they are away. They will see this credit on the monthly statement they receive the first month they return from their travels. Those enjoying shorter trips (7 consecutive days or longer) will receive a credit of $8.00 a day per person. This policy assures residents that while they are out seeing the world, they are not paying any unnecessary fees back at home.

There are many amenities and services at Riddle Village that play a role in carefree travel. For example, those residents with Indoor parking will never have to worry about returning home to clear off their car if there was inclement weather. Designated parking spots and the garages under each building will keep your car safe and supervised while you are away. This added protection, along with our 24-hour security, helps to assure that your home and your belongings are in good hands as you travel.

For Mary Sherlock, a resident of Riddle Village who vacations to Florida for months at a time, they make her trips all the more relaxing.

“Not having the uncertainty of things happening in the house while I’m gone for a couple of months makes things worry-free,” Mrs. Sherlock said. One of her favorite parts of traveling while living at Riddle Village? “Transportation gets me to the airport! I never have to worry about finding a ride.”

With travel in retirement becoming more and more popular, you should never have to worry about everyday hassles or additional fees piling up while you are away. Retirement communities offer services and amenities to help you live as worry-free as possible, and that does not change when you are away from the community.

Every department at Riddle Village is on hand for residents before, during, and after vacations so that you can use your time in retirement to check off that destination bucket list!