Over the past year, Riddle Village has had a lot of exciting activities to prepare for and construct the Thoroughbred Lounge expansion project. The redesign of this dining venue will offer another restaurant option for our residents, serve as an exciting place to bring friends and family, and give Riddle Village flexibility to use this space for many uses. From being an additional option for residents to host guests to a larger menu selection for meals, the new Thoroughbred Lounge will be a valuable addition to Riddle Village. 

To learn more about the improvements this dining venue will bring to our community, we asked Kim Roguszewski, Executive Vice President of Riddle Village, what she was most excited for our residents to experience after renovations are complete.

“The new lounge will provide more seating for our residents and will also increase the daily dinner options to three distinct dining venues,” Kim said. “This allows residents to choose from 3 different restaurant styles without ever leaving the community. We never want our residents to be bored of the dining options, it should always be a fun and enjoyable dining experience!”

Part of the fun dining experience at Riddle Village is the special menu options available in each of our restaurants. The Thoroughbred Lounge will have some menu items that are specific to that dining venue, but it will also have some favorites from our Chesapeake Room and Governor’s Inne. Every menu item is crafted with our residents in mind, so before closing the lounge, we offered several new menu items to our residents so they could let us know their favorites. We are excited to offer many of them on the new menu!

Indoor & Outdoor Updates

This expansion project does not just include interior changes. Outside in the courtyard, residents will have a new experience as well. From new features to updates of old favorites, our residents have a lot to look forward to.

“The expanded Thoroughbred Lounge will provide a completely new dining venue overlooking our beautiful courtyard with lovely new gardens, a newly designed putting green, our bocce and shuffleboard courts and firepit,” Kim said.

Of course, the dining experience at Riddle Village goes beyond the menu and décor. It is not just the delicious food that is available to our residents; it’s the atmosphere that Riddle Village has worked hard to create. With an array of options that fit every mood and craving, residents truly live in luxury and know that our staff is happy to make every meal a great one.

“The dining team is excited to have another outlet to serve our residents and provide creative menus that expand dining options,” Kim said. “With its open design and casual feel, the Thoroughbred Lounge will be a great environment for staff and residents to continue to build on the warm, tight-knit community that Riddle Village is known for.”

Our Staff Are Family

Signature Board 2021One way our sense of community is reflected in this project is a signature board that was organized by one of our residents. Staff and residents were able to sign a board that was placed in a wall of the new Thoroughbred Lounge during construction. It is the people that make our community such a great place to live and it was exciting to honor them by placing the board in the walls of this exciting project. 

The Thoroughbred Lounge expansion project is expected to be completed in Summer 2021. Our outdoor shuffleboard and bocce ball courts are open to residents and have a great view to see the construction excitement. Want another great angle to view construction, stop in the Gold Room at the large window for spectators to watch the progress from inside!