Summer is the time to explore the outdoors and get some much-needed fresh air. After a long winter and recent restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is common for people to be experiencing cabin fever. With social distancing still a requirement, there are many ways to safely get out of the house and get active, keep busy, and enjoy a change of scenery. It’s important to do what you can to protect yourself from the heat and to continue following guidelines to help fight the spread of germs, such as washing hands, using a face mask, and staying home if you aren’t feeling well. Read below for some ideas on fun things to do outside!


Growing your own plants and vegetables can be one of the most relaxing outdoor hobbies, whether you are new to it or you are known to have a green thumb. It can also be rewarding to watch your hard work pay off. Do some research into the level of care needed for each plant so you can find one that matches your experience and lifestyle. You should also research what grows best in different seasons and in your particular climate. If you have all the information you need beforehand, you will be enjoying your own garden in no time!


Treadmills can be great for a more controlled exercise indoors, but with warmer weather, there is no better time of year to take your workout outdoors! There are plenty of websites and applications for your phone that will tell you about nearby trails you can explore. Even a walk around your neighborhood can be a great way to stay healthy and see neighbors. There are plenty of benefits to daily walks, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. With a small group and plenty of space to keep a distance, walking can even be a safe way to exercise with friends and family.

Explore Nature

It can be therapeutic to simply get outside and take in all the sights. Many people in retirement communities start new hobbies such as bird watching or photography. Not only can this be a fun activity to look forward to, but you may also learn something new about your surroundings. These lifestyle activities can help improve qualities such as patience and creativity, and you can also look online to find groups of people with similar interests that share tips and tricks of the trade. This feeling of community can help with mental health and can combat feelings of loneliness.

Distanced Sports

Friendly competition is a great opportunity for socialization, and when played outdoors, it can also be a safe way to have fun with friends. Sports like golf, tennis, and bocce ball can be played with smaller groups and even one-on-one. You can get inventive, creating competitions out of other outdoors activities, such as fishing and swimming.

Take Indoor Activities Outside

You may have to think outside the box when looking for ways to get out doors. Take activities that you typically do inside and find a safe, clean space outside to enjoy them. Reading in nature or having a picnic are relaxing and may help you to fight off feelings of isolation. Try listening to music, working on an art project, or even bringing your laptop onto the patio to get some fresh air. The new surroundings could improve your mood and even give you a jolt of energy!

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