This month, the entire Riddle Village community is excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary. In October of 1993, we opened our doors to our first residents and have continued to grow and welcome more people into our community. Over the years, we have added new buildings, amenities, dining options and much more. We have grown from a community of 78 residents to over 400. To commemorate our anniversary, we would like to take a look back at the journey Riddle Village has gone on over the many years.

In 1993, Riddle Village consisted of three apartment buildings along with our commons building. Williamsburg, Arlington, and Jamestown were the initial buildings that opened. Two years later, the Monticello house opened with 38 personal care units and 60 skilled nursing beds. Our last residential building built, Hampton, was added to provide more independent residence apartments in 1998. The last community expansion was in 2008 when the Monticello House added 11 personal care units and 26 skilled nursing beds.

Ensuring The Highest Quality Services and Amenities

Changes have not just occurred in the sizing of our community. Inside our walls, we have worked continuously over the years to ensure that our residents are getting top quality services and amenities. In addition to the three dining venues Riddle Village had when we first opened, we have added the Thoroughbred Lounge which features delicious cocktails, appetizers and an outdoor patio for residents to enjoy the courtyard as they dine. The courtyard has been renovated and now includes a bocce ball court and a relaxing fire pit, in addition to the putting green and shuffleboard court.

The fitness center was expanded to include state-of-the-art equipment and is opened 24/7. The wellness center was redesigned to feature additional physician suites for our residents’ convenience and the hours of the wellness nurse have been extended to better accommodate our community. All this and more has been redesigned, renovated and/or expanded to continue to ensure we remain strong competitor amongst other communities and offer our residents the amenities and services they deserve.

Offering a Luxurious Retirement Lifestyle

We are always enhancing our community to make sure residents are living in luxury and comfort. Recently, we started the process of updating the hallways in every building with new lighting, carpeting, and furniture. This fall, dining renovations officially began in the Governour’s Inne, with the Chesapeake Room and the restaurant lobby to follow shortly after. Construction is underway to update these venues with new color themes, flooring, and a completely restructured layout. These changes will bring a modern twist to the traditional dining experience that our residents enjoy every day.

Speak to Our Dedicated Team Today

After 25 years, Riddle Village Retirement Community has gone through plenty of changes. From physical transformations to more options for our residents, our dedicated staff is always working hard to make sure we are providing the highest quality independent retirement lifestyle. While appearances may change, one thing that has always stayed the same is the friendly atmosphere that everyone experiences when they walk in our doors. Whether you are a resident, employee, or guest, friendly smiles and warm conversation are sure to find you throughout Riddle Village. Contact our team or give us a call at 610-891-3700 to learn more about our retirement community and lifestyle.