A strong rehabilitation program is one of the most important ways to prioritize our residents’ health and well-being. For inpatient residents staying in skilled nursing for a short or long-term stay, a registered therapist conducts an initial evaluation and then works with the resident 3-6 times a week. Not only is the therapy provided to our residents great for regaining strength and independence, but rehab can also provide support and education to residents and their caregivers. 

Riddle Village provides residents with physical, occupational, and speech therapies. These services can help with regaining strength to perform activities of daily living such as standing up, dressing, and eating. From stretching to gentle movements, there may be certain activities that come to mind when thinking about rehabilitation, but the truth is therapy services provide so much more to help improve quality of life. Some of the ways that rehabilitation can benefit you and your loved one include:

  • Fall prevention interventions and education
  • Training for patients and caregivers on cognition deficits
  • Wound care using modalities to assist in healing
  • Pain management
  • Medication management
  • Treatment for behavioral changes
  • Treatment of cognitive decline and environmental adaptations
  • Provide support for caregivers with instruction and creation of memory books for loved ones with dementia
  • Low vision adaptations


The goal of rehab is to help residents be independent—to safely do as much for themselves as they can in order to return to their prior living environment. Personal goals are set at the time of the initial evaluation upon admission into skilled nursing to determine what the resident has to be able to accomplish in order to achieve this independence. An individualized care plan is developed with a resident and registered therapist to help achieve this goal. Progress is monitored and assessed weekly by the therapy team.

Rehabilitation at Riddle Village is not just for in-patient or long-term residents in skilled nursing. Residents in Independent Living or Personal Care can benefit from outpatient therapy located right in our community. Outpatient therapy is connected to our fitness center, where residents can set scheduled sessions with therapists to continue to work on gaining strength through new techniques and exercises using our gym equipment that is available 24/7 to our residents. Not only can outpatient therapy help residents to regain strength and balance, but they can also learn how to continue with a home exercise program after their therapy has ended.

To learn more about Riddle Village’s rehabilitation program, visit our website and check out Frequently Asked Questions to hear answers right from one of our registered physical therapists!