Riddle Village Residents benefit from many different ways to work on fitness throughout the community. With full access to the state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor heated pool, and daily exercise classes offered, getting a workout in is easy and fun. With the summer coming to an end and a very welcome break in the temperatures, we wanted to focus on some of the outdoor areas where it’s common to find our residents working up a sweat! Read on to learn more about our outdoor exercise areas at Riddle Village.

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Our Outdoor Exercise Areas for Senior Adults

Riddle Village is surrounded by such beautiful scenery that in addition to using our indoor amenities and activities, residents often get their workouts in by walking outside around the community. The always-popular courtyard was recently renovated to include a tranquil butterfly garden, which is the perfect starting point to explore the paths around our outdoor amenities, like the bocce court, shuffleboard court, and putting green. You can always stop for a rest by the koi pond or the gazebo.

At the main entrance, fresh flowers are planted along the sidewalk, and you’re sure to find a friendly face when you’re walking through this area. Depending on the time of year, the scenery could look different for your walks. For example, the Bradford Pear Trees start off a bright pink shade in the spring, change to green in the summer, and are a beautiful orange color in the fall.

Behind some of our Independent Living buildings is a service road that is perfect for nature views. This freshly paved road is quiet and serene. This is a good route to take to wave to neighbors who may be on their balcony enjoying the scenery. On this road and every other area of Riddle Village, benches are placed short distances apart for residents’ convenience.

No matter which path you choose, you may meet some furry friends along the way! Riddle Village is a pet friendly community, and the humans here aren’t the only ones who enjoy walks around the campus. Leashed dogs can use any of the walkways throughout the community. We know that it’s also important that dogs have plenty of room to run around, so thanks to a generous donation we were able add a Canine Corner to our campus this year. This fenced in area just behind the Hampton residential building is perfect for pet owners to reach at the end of their walk. Thanks to the seating available, even residents without pets may stop here on their walks to enjoy watching the happy dogs at play.

Fitness and Health at Riddle Village

As a Lifecare community, Riddle Village recognizes the importance of physical and mental health. Not only does daily exercise for seniors help with strength, endurance, and flexibility, but it also helps with overall mood. Outdoor exercise has the added bonus of fresh air, and it can help combat feelings of isolation. In addition to plenty of outdoor areas and amenities for residents to explore on their own, a full activity calendar is available for residents to participate in as much or as little as they choose. The wellness team at Riddle Village works hard to organize activities that combine fun and fitness by giving residents options for walking trips outside of the community. When the weather is nice, it is not uncommon to find group activity options on the calendar that include walking tours of historical sites or a visit to a park.

Fitness is important at any age, and for seniors, living in a community with versatile options can help them find a routine that they enjoy sticking with day-to-day. While the fitness center is open all year round, we encourage any resident to try bringing their workout outdoors to lace up their sneakers, take advantage of the cooler temperatures, and enjoy an exercise in nature!