Many people are embracing gray hair, whether it’s a distinguished salt-and-pepper look or a full head of silver tresses. An increasing number of celebrities are showing that strands of silver aren’t anything to hide and that this natural part of aging can look vibrant and fresh.

Hair color is determined by pigment cells that produce melanin. As we get older, there’s less melanin being made, resulting in white, silver or gray hair. While you may miss your original hair color, gray doesn’t have to be drab. The key to looking fantastic is to keep your locks healthy and shiny and wear them with confidence.

Here are some hints to help you care for and show off your beautiful silver hair.

Bring Out the Luster

Because white hair has no pigment, it can be coarse and dry. You may need to alter your hair care routine to accommodate the different texture. Switch your regular shampoo and conditioner to a hydrating formula that offers lots of moisture to nourish your hair, such as Kiehl’s Damage Repairing and Rehydrating Shampoo.

You may also want to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove unwanted buildup and keep hair soft and glossy. Sephora’s Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo can help to restore elasticity and softness.

Fine hair can be weakened by heat. Consider using a heat protectant styling product to seal in moisture before drying, or simply turn the heat down on your blow dryer.

Tame the Texture

Wiry and coarse hair tends to stick up more. If you have a few strands that you’re trying to style into place, put a quick spritz of hairspray on one finger and smooth the hair down. For more control, use a smoothing cream or hair oil to reduce overall frizz.

A Good Cut

A precision cut can make silver hair look chic and sophisticated. A professional stylist can give you a look that’s easy to take care of and works with the texture of your hair. Men may want a classic side part or a playful cut that offers volume. Women may prefer a chic bob or longer layers that frame the face for a youthful look. Be sure to get regular trims to keep your white hair smooth, fresh and tidy.

Reduce Brassiness

Similar to blond hair, white hair can have different tones. If you’re noticing your white hair is looking brassy, try a purple-tinted shampoo or conditioner once a week to neutralize yellow or orange undertones. If you find this adds too much of a blue tinge, you can rinse it out with your next regular shampoo. Redken’s Color Extend Graydiant Shampoo has a violet pigment to balance any yellow and give your hair a gorgeous silver finish.

Stylists also recommend avoiding shampoo, conditioner and styling products that are yellow, as they may cause brassiness to build up over time. Opt for clear products instead.

Add Well-Placed Highlights

If you’re still not feeling confident with your white hair and want a change, ask a stylist about a few strategically placed highlights to brighten your look. The idea is not to change the color of your hair but to enhance it and give your hair a sleek, rich feel. If you’ve been dyeing your hair but want to go natural, a stylist can also help with the transition.

Protect Your Hair

Environmental factors such as chlorine, sun and mineral deposits in water can also damage or discolor white hair. Wear a hat when spending long periods of time in the sun to protect hair from UV rays that can cause discoloration. Be sure to also rinse hair thoroughly after swimming in a pool or salt water.

Complementary Makeup and Clothing

Brightening your face can also help your silver hair make an impact. White hair can make you appear washed out, so try a bronzer, concealer and foundation to warm up your skin.

You can also pull together a modern, fresh look with a clothing palette that complements your hair. Fashion stylists often recommend a neutral black, white or gray to bring out the beauty of silver hair. If you want a pop of color, opt for rich tones such an emerald green, cranberry red, sapphire blue or deep amethyst. You may want to avoid earthy colors such as beige or khaki.

Eat Well

Nourishing your body helps your hair and skin to shine.

  • Protein helps strengthen your hair, so choose eggs, dairy products, chicken and fish.
  • Iron helps with hair growth and encourages healthy follicles, so make sure you’re eating leafy green vegetables and some red meat or lentils.
  • Vitamin A creates sebum, a natural conditioner. Load up on sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin.
  • Vitamin C helps produce collagen and absorb iron. Blueberries, broccoli, oranges and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of vitamin C.
  • Omega-3 provides oil to keep your scalp and hair hydrated. Add salmon, trout, avocado and walnuts to your diet.

If you’re already a resident of Riddle Village, visit our beauty salon for more ideas on how to make your silver locks shine. Otherwise, get in touch with us today and find out how you can be part of an independent living community that’s designed to inspire an active, vibrant and healthy lifestyle.