One of the biggest perks of retirement living is having more time to spend doing the things that you love. In a community like Riddle Village, there is the added bonus of doing these things with others who enjoy them just as much as you do. With plenty of amenities, a supportive activities department, and enthusiastic neighbors, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect retirement community activities to get involved in.

There is no shortage of clubs at Riddle Village. Whenever a resident has an idea for a new program, they are encouraged to visit Maria Smith, the Activities Supervisor at Riddle Village. Maria discusses the proposal with our Wellness Administrator to see if there could be interest throughout the community. Once they approve of an idea, it will be advertised to residents with information about how to sign up. Maria says an important factor in a club being made is seeing how it will benefit the residents.

Participating in a Club Encourages Socialization

“I feel whether a resident has been here for a while or if they have just moved in, this will give them the opportunity to meet new individuals and enjoy the socialization aspect of it,” Maria said. “It is also always nice to try and learn something new.”

For residents who are looking to embrace their artistic side, things like crafts and music are fun ways to get involved within an independent living retirement community. In the art club, residents can use the studio to color, paint, and much more. The studio is also where members of the needlework club meet to work on projects of their own. For others looking to express their creativity, the choir can be a different way to challenge yourself. The Riddle Village Singers perform twice a year. Each concert features classic favorites and seasonal jingles.

Do What You Love or Try Something New

If you are interested in learning something new, clubs that focus on education and expanding the mind are also popular among residents in our community. The book club meets monthly to discuss their latest read, including characters, themes, and how they related the story to their own lives. Additionally, for residents interested in technology, the computer club meets twice a month to learn about new trends and gadgets. This is a great place to sit in on discussions and ask any questions you may have about electronics.

For those who like socializing among smaller groups, games like mahjong, bridge, and poker are popular amongst residents. These groups meet a few times a month and newcomers are always welcome. Those interested in being outdoors can enjoy tending to flowers and plants in the community garden group. For a more spiritual gathering, bible study and group prayer are open to everyone.

Retirement Community Activities With A Lot To Offer

Aside from these spotlighted clubs, there are many other groups and activities at Riddle Village to participate in daily. Things like line dancing, billiards tournaments, origami, and meditation are just some of the programs you can find on our activity calendar. Staying active and being surrounded by friends are great ways to spend your retirement. Riddle Village is happy to offer you many different ways to make every day a new experience. 

Contact our team or give us a call at 610-891-3777 to learn more about the many benefits of getting involved with retirement community activities and clubs at Riddle Village.