With more time at home than ever before, people are looking for ways to keep busy. While old hobbies are certainly a comforting pastime to revisit, it is also a good time to broaden your horizons. With technology, there are more ways than ever to learn something new. From tutorial videos to how-to articles, you have plenty of resources to research new hobbies. You may also find educational books at your local library if you prefer that method.

Learn a New Language

senior learning French language

It is never too late to pick up another language! Being bilingual can open so many doors – even in retirement! Among the many benefits of speaking multiple languages are traveling more comfortably, keeping your brain sharp, and meeting new people you may not have otherwise had the chance to get to know. 

Technology makes it easier than ever before to pick up a new language. You can listen to audio tapes with your headphones in throughout the day, and you may even tune into podcasts, movies, or television shows in the language you are focusing on to help you learn the words as they are actually spoken.

Learn Yoga

Seniors learning yoga

Yoga is a popular exercise because not only does it strengthen the body, but it also can benefit the mind. The calming, meditative effect of yoga can quiet your stresses while you focus on your breathing. There are many different kinds of yoga, and you can search for videos online that meet your level of expertise, whether you’re a beginner or want to focus on a specific part of your body. 

Make sure you are in a safe setting and have the proper equipment, and always consult your doctor before trying any new workout routine.

Learn a New Instrument

Senior learning guitar

Learning music is a fun way to get creative, exercise your brain, and really test your perseverance! Learning an instrument in retirement has the added bonus of increasing dexterity since playing instruments such as the piano or guitar focuses on using the hands and fingers. 

The only way to learn an instrument is through practice and repetition, so if you have enough time on your hands and can work it into your schedule, now is the perfect time to give it a try.

Learn to Knit

Senior learning to knit in retirement

If you like to see the progress you have made on a project and how you have improved over time, knitting is the perfect hobby for you! Knitting is great for working on hand-eye coordination and can even help to lower blood pressure and ease stress. You can find all the supplies you need in a craft store or online to be delivered right to your home and you are ready to start learning! 

This hobby can also come in handy in the colder months or for presents for your family and friends around birthdays and holidays.