According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics, emergency room visits increase with age among individuals aged 60 and older. Between illnesses or emergencies such as falls, it is not uncommon for an older adult to need hospital care more than once in their retirement years. There are many benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) like Riddle Village, which includes wellness that can help avoid trips to the emergency room. From safety features in our apartments to registered nurses on-site at all times, read below to learn about how life at Riddle Village can help you to avoid multiple trips to the emergency room.

Wellness Department

The Wellness Department at Riddle Village consists of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants. Not only does our staff respond to medical emergencies, but they are also a helpful resource that can assist with services such as checking vitals and scheduling doctor appointments to make sure every resident’s health remains a priority. The Wellness Center also has physician suites for an array of doctors and specialists who come into the community with office hours. The wellness services in our community ensures residents are not only living in the proper setting, but they are thriving.  

Apartment Safety

Every apartment in our community comes with emergency pull cords. If there is ever an emergency in the apartment, residents pull the cord and a nurse will come to the apartment to assist. Every room in the apartment is designed with resident safety in mind. For example, bathrooms come with comfort height toilets and grab bars in the shower to offer support. Additionally, a daily check-in system is in the bathroom. Our residents press a check in button every morning to let our medical team know that there are no issues day-to-day. With maintenance and housekeeping included at Riddle Village, staff is also always available to assist with home upkeep that can cause falls or injuries in older adults.

Community Layout

Residents can get anywhere in the community without ever having to go outside. Enclosed walkways mean you never have to worry about weather conditions such as snow, rain, or ice when you are going to any of our activities and amenities. If a trip outside is necessary during poor weather conditions, residents and their loved ones have the peace of mind of knowing that all the upkeep is taken care of by our maintenance department. Shoveling, salting, and even raking are chores of the past! Back inside the community, elevators are conveniently located at the end of every hallway and allow our residents to avoid taking the stairs, which can be a high-risk area.

Swimming Pool at Riddle Village

Fitness Center and Activities

Staying active is an important part of maintaining strength. Riddle Village has an on-site fitness center that is fully equipped with cardio equipment and weights. Our full-time fitness coordinator offers fitness classes, equipment training, and guidance to help residents achieve their fitness goals. Residents also benefit from using our indoor heated pool, a great way to exercise without putting strain on joints. There are also plenty of activities that are available everyday in the community that have physical and mental health benefits. Socializing and practicing hobbies is a fun way to stay connected and change up your routine.