This month marks 25 years since we opened the doors and welcomed our first residents and employees to Riddle Village. Over the years, our community has been a source of fun and friendships for thousands of residents and employees. To celebrate our anniversary, we reached out to some of the people who have been with Riddle Village Retirement Community since the early years.

What is your fondest memory of Riddle Village?

Kelly Naylor, Marketing Assistant/Move Coordinator (Part of the RV family since May 1996): I love holidays at Riddle Village. Some of my favorite memories are on Halloween. The residents have a big Wine and Cheese party where many of them get dressed in fun costumes and parade around the Gold Room. Staff is encouraged to dress up on Halloween as well. We also have a fun pumpkin carving contest, where the staff carves or decorates a pumpkin and residents get to vote for their favorite one. During the Christmas season, it’s always so nice to come to work and see all the beautiful decorations throughout the community. It amazes me every year how fast the resident volunteers get the entire community decorated and looking beautiful.

Emily Dannaker, resident (Part of the RV family since January 1994): We had dances every so often, for every holiday. There was one lady who was especially good at leading us. We danced on the stage for entertainment. We had costumes and it was fun. I enjoyed that.

Peggy Coyle-Hedrick, Wellness/Activities Coordinator (Part of the RV family since February 1996): My funniest and favorite memory is my first day here at Riddle Village. While driving in I was thinking, “Helene never showed us the kitchen on the tour.” Well, I got on the wrong elevator and it only went to the second floor. My boss, Celeste, expected me in her office on the third floor. I went to the second floor and this area was not on the tour. Thinking, “Oh, no! Where am I? This is great, late on my first day,” I tried the first floor, wrong again – but now I knew where the kitchen was! I pushed all the buttons and tried to hide on the elevator to go to the ground and start over. Then both doors opened – can’t hide anymore! Suzy Jones said, “You’re lost – can I help you?” I said, “Please! I need to get to my boss, Celeste’s, office. I can’t be late, it’s my first day!” She took me directly to the office and explained what I had done wrong. I have been blessed to have met so many great people doing something that I love.

Ethelmay Rose, resident (Part of the RV family since January 1994): Twenty-five years of joy and interesting things. I loved everything I was doing, and Riddle Village was certainly my support system. What a lucky decision to decide to do this form of life. So many people are tied to their possessions and will not leave them, and it’s a big mistake because these new possessions are more fun. You meet 400 people that you wouldn’t meet in your home. You have activities that you wouldn’t be able to get to. The entertainment here is fabulous!

How have you seen Riddle Village change over the years?

Kim Roguszewski, Chief Financial Officer (Part of the RV family since February 1995): So many things have changed at Riddle Village since I first started. When I started here back in early 1995, we were not fully developed. Since that time, we have added two independent apartment buildings, a healthcare facility and then an expansion on that facility. We have added amenities like our Lounge, an improved fitness center, courtyard and so much more. Now we are redoing our dining venues and that may be one of the most exciting projects I have been involved with.

The community has always been beautiful, but it is more like a country club today than ever before. It just keeps getting better and better. What hasn’t changed is the warmth and friendliness that you can actually feel as you walk through the community. Between residents, associates and guests there is always someone to brighten your day or share a laugh with. That isn’t something you see everywhere, and I am blessed to be part of that.

What is your favorite part of working at Riddle Village?

Maria Smith, Activities Supervisor (Part of the RV family since August 1995): My favorite part of working at Riddle Village is the relationships you make with the residents and staff. The residents are very caring and have shown me their love and support throughout the years. The administration gives great motivation and incentives to do the best that we can, especially through the relationship that the CEO has with the employees. He makes a point to know the staff. I have made some great friendships over the years while working here with my co-workers.

Rob Phillips, Director of Facilities (Part of the RV family since July 1995): My favorite part of working at Riddle Village, I would have to say, is the environment that has been maintained throughout the years of my employment here at Riddle Village: that you are a part of a family from our residents to our employees. I truly believe the care for our residents is exceptional from all departments. The friendships that have been made here over the years is remarkable and not something anybody would be able to erase from my memory.

I might add that this comes from the top down, meaning how many places have we worked where you can talk to your CEO or Vice President and feel comfortable talking to them, and vice versa? As a matter of fact, it is nice to know we all share in the same commitment. Taking care of our residents and employees alike makes everybody feel important and a part of a great establishment. I don’t think anybody can match our caring hearts, and that’s what makes Riddle Village simply AWESOME!!!

Our residents and employees are what makes Riddle Village truly special. Thank you to everyone who shared their memories with us, and we look forward to the next 25 years of wonderful memories! If you’d like to learn more about our independent retirement lifestyle, contact our team or give us a call at 610-891-3700 to speak with our dedicated staff.