This year has truly been the most challenging and unique time in our lives. COVID-19 brought with it many fears, closures, and isolating moments. While everyone certainly faced many difficult times, we wanted to take this time to look back at some of the wonderful moments that happened in our community as residents and staff came together to carry on in a positive way.

February Frolic

The year started off with a special show put together by our residents. In February, residents took the stage to show off their talents. Singing, dancing, funny skits, and more were included in the show. Whether they were in the spotlight themselves or sitting in the crowd watching, it was an evening of entertainment for all! We can’t wait for the next show!

Residents Making Masks Project

As COVID-19 became prominent in our area, residents looked for ways they could help keep our community safe. While staying at home, residents volunteered to help give back by making masks for residents and staff. These masks were not for medical purposes and our healthcare center remained fully equipped with the appropriate PPE to take care of residents in Monticello, but they still helped others in need during a very hard time. We are so proud of the kindness and generosity of our residents!

Parade of Appreciation for Essential Employees

The dedication Riddle Village Employees have shown this year is extraordinary. As a special thank you to the staff members who came into work every day making sure our residents were safe and taken care of, residents stood on their balconies and cheered, rang bells, and displayed homemade signs of gratitude for essential employees. Staff walked around the outside of each building and waved to residents as a sign of gratitude for their appreciation. Now more than ever we are so grateful to our entire community for coming together in this way.

Award-Winning Renovations

The last few years have brought exciting changes to the dining experience at Riddle Village as the Governor’s Inne and Chesapeake Room had a complete redesign. Not only were these renovations visually appealing and well-received by residents and guests of Riddle Village, but they also stood out amongst other redesign projects and earned us the Bronze Award in the 12th annual Remodel/Renovation Competition sponsored by Environments for Aging! The judges complimented the design including color choices and furnishings, and also the overall layout, which is more open and flexible for our residents.

Bocce and Putting Tournaments

Over the summer, residents were excited to safely spend time together outdoors in the nice warm weather. Several residents got creative in planning tournaments that could bring everyone together while also following social distancing guidelines. With smaller teams and spaced out seating, residents were able to compete and observe other teams playing in a safe way. The Freedom Putting Tournament took place in the mornings, and when that tournament wrapped up, the Everyone Counts Bocce Tournament kicked off in the evenings under the courtyard lights. We hope our residents had as much fun with these tournaments as we did cheering them on!

Making More Memories in 2021

While maybe 2020 wasn’t everything we were hoping for, we made the most of the opportunities given here at Riddle Village. If you or a loved one is interested in joining in on the fun in 2021, please request a brochure or give us a call at 610-891-3700.