Retirement gifts aren’t as common as they used to be, as fewer people than ever before are working a full career with just one employer. The proverbial gold watch has largely gone, but family members and friends of the recently retired often feel the need to mark the occasion with something special. If you know someone who’s getting close to retirement after a long and successful career, you may find yourself wondering, “What is a good retirement gift for a man?”

This guide goes over a number of things you might want to consider before you buy a retirement gift for a man you know, and it includes some suggestions for a great retirement gift that works for a soon-to-be-retired man.

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Retirement Gifts for Coworkers

If you have a coworker who’s looking forward to a happy retirement, you might feel moved to find an appropriate parting gift to help him enjoy retirement properly. A gift basket makes a classy gift for coworkers you’re only casually connected with, though you might want a more meaningful gift for somebody you’re closer to. This can be a personalized gift, such as a hand-lettered card, or even a gesture, such as taking a leading role in planning the retirement party.

If you’re not comfortable with a sentimental gift or anything too personal for a work acquaintance, the best retirement gift could be something like a gift box, gift set, or other retirement gifts that aren’t too personal.

Talking about great retirement gift ideas for guys in your office, it’s now essential to discuss golf. Many recently retired men take up golf as a new hobby, and it comes with a hefty price tag for retired guys during the hobby-filled days ahead. Just about anything you’d find on the golf course makes a fabulous retirement gift for the new golfer in your office. Golf-related retirement presents can include new golf clubs, high-quality golf balls, and all the tools he needs to perfect his swing.

Thoughtful Retirement Gifts for Men

Sometimes you want to make a bigger impact for a coworker that’s a bit more personal than golf supplies. Luxury retirement gifts for your favorite retiree are probably outside the normal price range, so gold watches and other expensive items may not be the most practical gift.  However, you can still get a good retirement gift that has a trace of your own personality and the affection you feel for your friend.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, you might steer toward something unique or one-of-a-kind. Unique gifts that can make the perfect present here may include something you made yourself or that depicts your friendship somehow. A picture of the two of you in a frame you made yourself is in this category, and it makes a cool gift if you have a woodworking hobby or are otherwise into crafts.

Should You Get a Funny Retirement Gift?

While many people look to get a thoughtful retirement gift for new retirees, sometimes the best gift is something funny or amusing. Be careful getting a funny gift or gag gift, since not everybody has the same sense of humor and you don’t want to strike a false note on your friend’s last day at work. If you’re comfortable with the joke, however, the ideal gift is probably something that plays on concepts revolving around the retired dad, free time, or golden years concepts. A retirement-themed couch cushion (for sitting on) or twisted car keys (no more commuting) could be a wonderful gift for a friend who’ll appreciate the humor of it.   

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Getting a Personalized Retirement Gift for a Man in Your Family

Getting a fun gift is one thing, but for a husband, brother, or another family member, you probably want retirement gifts that are more personal and special. While the perfect gift might not exist, personalized retirement gifts can get pretty close. Having a normal object engraved with a special inscription can be a good start here, and a special gift with a personal message can be a thoughtful option for men about to leave their office support network and retire.

If you’re shopping for a male relative, you’re probably safe going into the realm of clothing and other personal effects. Pajamas, slippers, bathrobes, and other comfortable clothes can be the perfect retirement gift for men who like to take it easy in the morning. Other gift ideas in this vein include pipes, brandy snifters, and various lounge-related items.   

What Are Some Unique Retirement Gifts?

Sometimes the most perfect retirement gift ideas are items, unlike anything you can find in regular stores. A one-off item that you made yourself, or that can’t be found anywhere else, can be the best retirement gift for men who are hard to shop for. Importers often bring items in from overseas that can’t be found locally, and a piece of furniture or a traditional set of fishing poles could be an amazing gift that he would never have found on his own.

What Are Some Great Retirement Gifts for Seniors in Assisted Living?

It sometimes happens that the man you’re shopping for isn’t just retiring from a job. He may be moving into some kind of senior residential community at the same time. Assisted living (or Personal Care) is fairly common, though independent living is the most common place for new retirees to move to, and there are a lot of wonderful retirement gifts you can get for a man moving into one of these communities.

Don’t hesitate to get medical supplies that can make a senior’s day a bit easier. While medication may not be appropriate, a daily pill organizer can make a great gift. Another awesome gift for a retiring man could be a gift certificate for the moving van, gift cards for restaurants in the part of town he’s moving to, or even just your own muscle power to help move heavy furniture into the new place.

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The Best Retirement Gifts for Men

Far and away the best retirement gift for a man is to make his transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about Independent Living for seniors and Personal Care services, call (610) 891-3700 to speak with a member of the Marketing Department at Riddle Village today.