Did you know that as of 2016, 70% of people turning 65 will need some type of long-term care in their lifetime? This statistic might be shocking, but it is important to keep in mind when you begin to plan for retirement. While services, amenities and dining options might be high on your list when touring retirement communities, you also need to think beyond your day-to-day lifestyle and plan for the unexpected.

Experienced Skilled Nursing Care

One of the most appealing aspects of a continuing care retirement community, like Riddle Village, is the fact that apart from Independent Living, Personal Care and Skilled Nursing is also available on the same campus. While you may not currently need additional care, it is comforting to know your healthcare needs can be met if that time should ever come, without having to leave the community. That was certainly the case for Jane Rupp, who after a lifetime of virtually no health problems, found herself hospitalized in the weeks leading up to her move into her Independent Living apartment at Riddle Village.

“I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and then I was in Monticello (Riddle Village’s Skilled Nursing Facility) for 2 weeks,” Jane said. “During that time, my two wonderful daughters and their husbands moved me in.”

Prior to being hospitalized, Jane was working on coordinating her move into an independent residential apartment at Riddle Village. While being in skilled nursing during such a big move was not ideal, it did give Jane the opportunity to get more familiar with Riddle Village. During her physical therapy, Jane was able to go on assisted walks in the courtyard, commons building, and check in on her apartment. She said that being in Monticello helped ease some of her stress because the Riddle Village staff took care of everything for her, including helping her children with the move and answering any questions they had.

A Worry Free Lifestyle

As everything in her apartment was being taken care of, Jane was able to focus solely on her health. Her stay in Monticello was both relaxing and fulfilling. Jane worked on physical therapy during the daytime and had quiet evenings in her room. While there are plenty of activities available to Monticello residents, Jane had plenty of her own hobbies and visitors to keep her busy.

“I had my crocheting with me and I had books,” Jane said. She also benefited from having a roommate. “I had Mary in the next bed who loved to talk, and I love to talk, so it was always great!”

Jane got to know Mary and her family, who frequently came in for visits. Even after being discharged, Jane went back to visit her.

Her roommate was not the only friend she made during her stay in skilled nursing. Between the physical therapists, nurses, and aides, Jane had plenty of reasons to go back over to Monticello and check in on everyone who took care of her. She credits them for getting her back into shape in just two weeks.

“I loved it so much, I promised them all that when I got better I would do something over there to help,” Jane said. “So, I deliver the mail now whenever they need me.”

Jane’s New Independence

Now that she is in her own apartment in Independent Living, Jane enjoys the amenities that Riddle Village has to offer, especially the ones that are helping her to improve her health. Upon being discharged, our staff set Jane up with her own routine to work on in the gym that she keeps up with three times a week. She is also still working on getting her physical stability back to what it was by taking advantage of the exercises classes offered at Riddle Village, such as, yoga and balance.

While Jane is enjoying her new home in independent living, she finds comfort in the fact that if she ever needs skilled nursing care again, she knows firsthand the quality of care that is so close to home.

“I would go back there in a minute if I needed care and treatment,” Jane said. “Obviously I rate it top-drawer. It was so well done. The food was good. It was a very positive experience, really.”

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