Travel is a popular pastime for people of all ages. Whether it’s an exciting trip to a new city or a relaxing stay at the beach, vacations are a fun part of life for all to enjoy. At Riddle Village, travel is especially easy for our residents because they know everything back home is taken care of. Thanks to our maintenance department, residents don’t have the stress of planning for home upkeep or what to do in the case of any emergencies while they are away; our staff has it covered. Additionally, our snowbird policy gives residents the flexibility to travel without worrying about life back home. Riddle Village is lucky to be filled with residents who have traveled to exciting places over the years. To learn more about how much of the world our retirement community has seen, we reached out to several residents to find out which places were their favorites!

“I have two favorites: One is sentimental, where my father was born which is Italy. My other favorite places are where I did a Safari in Kenya and Tanzania. It was absolutely thrilling. If you like the zoo as much as I do, it’s wonderful to see the animals in their natural habitats!” – Dee Eagan

“Rita and I have always enjoyed visiting New York City for the Broadway shows and the museums. Our best vacations together, however, have been to the Bahamas and Key West, Florida. Before Rita’s MS progressed, we used to enjoy cruising with Celebrity Cruises, enjoying trips to the Caribbean and Canada. Prior to meeting one another, Rita had been to Italy, and I had been to both Japan and Mexico.” – Ralph Paige

Cruise ship docked at Key West, Florida, USA

“Vienna, Austria and Southern Spain are my favorite vacation spots. They were my favorite spots not only to see the two gorgeous countries but to meet my son-in-law’s family who are from there. I did a lot of sightseeing and spent time with family.” – Joan Schmidt

“I just went to Minnesota and went to the farthest ends through Minneapolis. I drove to my brother’s house for a sibling reunion which was extremely heartening because we hadn’t seen each other since 2017. The love that we all shared was extremely comforting and renewing. We drove through a city called Bemidji. It was nothing but wilderness, and it was quite an experience!” – Lorrain Fortune

“My favorite place is Paris. I just think it’s a beautiful city. I enjoy the French language, the food is great, and the architecture is beautiful.” – Judy Kenworthy

“I have 2 favorite places. One we haven’t been to since 2001, which is Svalbard in Arctic Norway – about 600 miles from the North Pole. We saw polar bears and walruses. We went there 3 years in a row. The other place is Provincetown, Massachusetts. In the past 35 years we’ve probably been there 25 times! Great seafood, and we went whale watching. We saw whales every trip!” – Frank Siddons

“So many places have captured our hearts. Two places stand out. First, Florence, Italy. Everywhere you look is something beautiful, historic, and interesting. Great art, art museums, architecture, and statuaries. We love the food, especially eating ribollita soup in the restaurant overlooking the Basilica of San Lorenzo. We love the Hotel Portrait Firenze and our room overlooking the River Arno and the Ponte Vecchio. Easy walking everywhere. Second, Kyoto, Japan. Hidden away in this modern city are stunningly-beautiful historic temples and shrines. In spring, the Philosopher’s Walk along a narrow canal is a tunnel of magnificent cherry blossoms. Some of the great contemporary ceramics in the world are created by Kyoto artists. We enjoy visiting galleries, museums, and the ceramic artists we’ve gotten to know over the years. We have just written a book, Listening to Clay, about several of these artists. The expected publication date is May 2022.” – Halsey and Alice North

Sunset at mountain peak with river and mountain outlines from Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania.

“My favorite vacation spot is Dewey Beach, Delaware. It’s my favorite because I grew up there in the summertime when I was a youngster. Most of my cousins were there. When I was growing up, we used to go crabbing, clamming, and fishing. We did water sports, swimming, and boating. It was a great spot!” – Tom Rios

“My husband and I really loved cruising and traveling in general. We went on a trip to the Baltic area, and we visited seven countries. We left England and traveled down to Sweden and several places along the way. We got to see a lot of places! I think our favorite was St. Petersburg in Russia because we loved seeing all the things we had read about. To actually see them up close and personal was really great.” – Joan Phillips

“The place I liked best was Cape Charles, Virginia. It was a very small town, very old, Eastern Virginia. A laid-back community. The restaurants were very good. I don’t sight see that much, I just like to go and eat! I like to have good food in quiet restaurants with good friends!” – Joseph Olszewski