residents at retirement community doing activities

The process of looking into retirement communities can be very overwhelming. It takes a lot of time to sort through all the information and weigh your options. Hearing from someone who has been in your shoes can be extremely helpful. They were once where you are now and have lots of great advice. We asked ten of Riddle Village residents for tips that helped them find their perfect forever home.

1.) Get Recommendations From Someone You Trust

“I think it’s nice to be able to move into a place that has been recommended by someone you know and trust.” – Denise, Riddle Village Resident for 10 Years

2.) Ask How Involved Residents Can Be

“Learn about what activities are offered in each community, and also the ability of the residents to participate in those activities.” – Lawrence, Riddle Village Resident for 2 Years

3.) Research the Location

“Location was really important to me. Riddle Village is close to Media, close to a good hospital, across the street from shopping, close to grocery shopping and pharmacy.” – Ann, Riddle Village Resident for 2 Years

4.) Talk to Your Doctor

“If you have a good relationship with your doctor, I think it’s a really good thing to do. They have an overview of your situation. They can tell you when they think it’s advisable to do it. He has no emotional opinion.” –Carol, Riddle Village Resident for 6 Months

5.) Attend Marketing Events

“I attended two visitor luncheons at Riddle Village with guest speakers. They gave tips, specifically on how to make your house more marketable and how to downsize. After I moved in, I was also able to make connections with other residents I had seen at the events.” – Millie, Riddle Village Resident for 2 ½ Years

6.) Research Healthcare

“The thing that sticks out in my mind is healthcare. Selecting one of these places is quite confusing for the elderly. Most of these places are very nice. They all are fairly new, and there’s many of them. While it’s a confusing issue to pick the one that you want, all of them are nice and you’ve got to break down everything. When it came to the health issue, that was the deciding factor.” – Bert, Riddle Village Resident for 6 Months

7.) Utilize Outside Help

“The biggest difficulty for a lot of people is the overwhelming idea of getting out of the house. What helped us was to get a company that Riddle Village recommended that came in and helped us plan out where the furniture would go that we had and helped us unpack. There was another person who was recommended that helped us sell the house and came in and gave us some advice and put us in touch with the world’s best realtor. People don’t realize that the solutions are out there.” – Izzie, Riddle Village Resident for 1 ½ Years

8.) Keep a Spreadsheet

“A spreadsheet is virtually a requirement, because how can you keep track of these places and compare if you don’t have it written down where you can see it? Look at the amenities, parking, and all the things they do for you.” – Bettie, Riddle Village Resident for 14 Years

9.) Visit Multiple Communities

“Without visiting each community, you cannot compare. You won’t know whether you made the right choice or not because you never compared it with other alternatives. It’s important that everyone sees at least a couple of communities.” – Pedro, Riddle Village Resident for 2 Months

10.) Familiarize Yourself with the Options

“Make sure you know the difference between a Lifecare and a CCRC. Also, know your own insurance policies.” – Barbara, Riddle Village Resident for 2 Years


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